Monday, August 02, 2010

Well, I survived day 1 with lots of laughing

We had D's 40th "party" on Saturday afternoon (12 of us total) and it was lovely but a bit disappointing too. We chose the venue specifically because of the website showing all the lovely green grass for the kids to play on.

Well, it was very sandy, almost no grass (okay, it is winter here) but there were bits of glass near us so we had to hold the kids the whole time. Now that they're so mobile, they don't want to be contained in a pram so D and I had cold food while shuffling babies.

We're fast realising that we should never depend on other people to help out with the babies. Not that we do but really, we shouldn't even at a social setting! I probably don't need to say this but that defeats the purpose for me of a social......

Another great moment - again Connor laughing. He's such a serious boy (unless in water or outside) that when he laughs it is FABULOUS! And he laughed and laughed with D's uncle - I love it. I think it's good for both of them - uncle D and Connor.

D left yesterday for Botswana and the babies and I had the afternoon by ourselves.

There was laughing, crying, sleeping, playing, feeding and lots and lots of mess!

The thing I'm most proud of is that I got them to nap for .... wait for this.... 1 hour 20 minutes :)

When D gets back I'll tell him we have to hide out and be quiet like mice (which is what I did) so that they sleep.

Also, I put the sleep CD on continuous play LOL

When I was feeding Connor lunch, I noticed some extra white bits in his mouth. He hates me touching his face so I said to him, "say AAAAHHHH" so I could see the new teeth.

Apparently this was the funniest thing ever as he HOWLED with laughter for about 5 minutes.

I then laughed at him and Kendra started laughing at us.

D then came into the kitchen and laughed at all of us.

That was the best moment of the day.

It's amazing how quickly they change - on Friday he still had 4 teeth. Suddenly on Sunday he had 6 *!

I then peeked in Kendra's mouth and she's also got a couple more - I think she's up to 7 *.

* I really don't know for sure - these are my best guesses because they don't want to show me and I'm not sticking my finger in K's mouth ever again. Last time I did it she bit me so hard I screamed LOUD and then she CRIED because she got such a fright. Life with women!

How was your weekend?


  1. Hate holding kids through laughter! I love when it's about something so random that you couldn't have planned it. Good times! Happy birthday to husband!!!

  2. See that is why we mostly avoid social functions. At present they are as fast as lightening in two different directions.

  3. When we went out to eat with Jeremy's family last week, I purposely positioned his mom at the end of the table next to Mackenzie so she could take care of her and I could eat! Devious plan, but it worked like a charm! Poor Jeremy didn't catch on and had to wrestle Addison himself. : )

    Glad you had a good start to your week!

  4. Downside to staying at home-kids get way to attached so even if people offer to help it won't work! I just found another tooth in Claire's mouth today, no idea when that came in! We are at 6 and 7, guess I should break out the toothbrushes soon!

  5. HA! Mandy, I totally didn't even THINK about toothbrushes until my nanny told me to buy some when they had those two teeth on the bottom :)

    And now they love brushing their teeth, but I think it's to taste the toothpaste :)


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