Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What bath time's like at our house

I totally forgot to tell you what we do actually do around bath time :)

We bath every day except I think about 3 nights total when the kids had snotty noses and then we had baths every 2nd night.

That's because I believe bath time is like magic - it calms down the babies and they literally pop off to sleep like babies (insert crazy laughter)!

They are way too wild in the baths and getting wilder/ braver all the time so we only bath them one at a time.

It's like a conveyor belt around here.

While one is being bathed, the other is playing with me or playing in their bedroom while I get out their clothes for the next day.

We have a rule that the baby who has slept the least amount of time gets bathed first since that one will typically be crankier and I can't stand the whining!

That baby can then calm down quicker and both they and I are happy :)
  • Nanny V baths baby 1 and then brings that one to the bedroom where I dress the baby.
  • While I'm dressing baby 1, Nanny V then takes baby 2 to have their bath.
  • I then dress baby 2 while V tidies up the bathroom and toys in the living areas.
  • We then let them jump around their cots (!), chat to each other, steal each other's stuffed animals, etc. until they get whiny.
  • That's when they tell me they want "milk".
  • If it's 5:40, I'll then wrestle them into their sleepsacks and put them in bed with their bottles
  • I tuck them in, pray with each of them (last night I thanked God for Connor's lovely smile when I arrived home), tell them I love you (sign language too) and say goodnight.
  • I then walk out and switch off the light.

The whole thing only takes about an hour to an hour 15 mins but at this stage I feel like I've had a workout because of wrestling the kids into their clothes and later, sleepsacks.

So I go to have a well-deserved cup of tea while watching The Bold and The Beautiful :)

Do you do baths on your own or do you have help?

P.S. On weekends, D does baths and I still do the dressing.


  1. Aydan is now showering by himself! It is heaven. Yes, I have to clean up a mess bathroom and do have to go up there and double check that he is clean- but most of the "work" he does himself now.

    Landan gets bathed by my husband usually. Sometimes I do it if he is cooking dinner or something else.

    Tarynn is usually bathed by me. DH isn't comfortable bathing her and she screams the whole time daddy bathes her.

    Everyone gets a bath every night usually after dinner and right before bed.

  2. Ugh...bath time is not my favorite!!! Husband gives the baths and I am in charge of diapering and dressing...although since I hurt myself, he's been doing more and more of everything.

    Mine have also preferred showers lately. They are having a grand time in the shower and being less whiny.

  3. Well, my bath time is a lot simpler than yours - as there is only 1 :). So it is pretty much bath baby, then dress baby for me... I do not bath with him either - I have done it twice, he was still very small then (was not yet promoted to the big bath). I generally do the bathing, feeding, dressing etc. at night as the hubby is generally still at work then. I guess if there were more I would have had help... Interestingly the daycare I chose also offer to bath baby if you want - but we have such a great routine going (at least I think so) in the evenings, and I don't really want him bathed before his din-din which I give him at home.
    Can't believe you get all that done in about an hour!

  4. Oh, when did you start giving them their night-time bottle to drink by themselves? Do they take this in their cots?

  5. We do bath every other night because they were getting dry skin from daily bathing. I bathe both kids at once - they are pretty compliant in the bathtub. They are usually in the water for no more than 10 minutes before they ask to get out. They to play in the tub but they also like to play in their room before bed so its a trade-off for them, I suppose. I take whoever asks first out of the tub and towel dry him/her, slap on a diaper (all still in the bathroom) and then get the other one out, toweled and diapered. Then we walk to their room (across the hall, and put on PJs. All in all, it takes less than 20 minutes.

  6. We do bath every night and both kids are bathed together after dinner. Bed time is done usually by one parent. In bathroom said parent shuts door, put each one on potty (not that they go), then into tub. Empty tub, each one out and dried and then herded into bedroom for diapers, PJs, sleep sacks, hair brushing (we do teeth downstairs after dinner at kitchen sink) and a book (current favorite is Mama Llama series). Then a song if I do it and none if my husband does. An I love you and lights out. It takes 20-30 mins tops depending on amount of playtime. We did go through a rough period where Ned hated being in the tub that lasted a long 2 weeks. Have you thought about bathing them together?

  7. Yes, it's simple with 1! I give David dinner at 5pm. Bath at 5:30pm and 6pm bottle, bed at 7. Keith only gets home after 6:30pm so the bedtime routine is left to me. I'm a bit envious that he gets hom e to a clean, sweet smelling and happy boy - when I've had him ALL day (can you believe we have another 2 weeks holiday just after the whole world cup break!)

  8. I have a 3 and a half year old and a 14 month old. They bath together at 6.25pm and usually my DH baths them. I get the little one out at 6.45pm, dress her, put her in her sleeping bag, read her a story and then I take her to her room and give her a bottle and put her into her cot. My DH gets the older one out, she dresses herself, he reads her a story, does her prayers and then she goes to bed. If he's not home (which fortunately isn't often) I get them both out at the same time and the older one lies on our bed waiting for her story while I give Ava her bottle. Both are in bed by just after 7pm and wake at 7am, usually.

  9. We don't bathe them every day, just a couple times a week. We throw them in together, or sometimes I drag them into the shower with me, or Aaron brings them with him. Usually Aaron is the one to give the baths, he always did with the girls too. (who by the way still shower together LOL)


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