Monday, August 30, 2010

Who would have thought?

these pics have nothing to do with the post!
They were taken at Storms River and then that's the highest bungee jump in the world, something I definitely will NEVER ever do!

On Saturday we went to "our"... 6th birthday party, another twin party.

The fact that they're only 13 months reminds me daily that the babies are far more popular than both D and I.

It was very far from where we live (and we got gloriously lost) so once they got there, they wanted to be FREE and the best thing was letting them loose on the grass.

The venue was lovely and it's always nice to be outside enjoying the sun.

Speaking of which, what on earth happened in Jhb that summer jumped the queue this year? We went from winter to instant summer weather this weekend. Last week they were still wearing jerseys and yesterday my kids were in shorts and t-shirts, barefoot with gorgeous baby toes.

I got to spend some quality time talking to my one friend, Caren (the one who has that fabulous friend who will babysit her twins!), her hubby and their gorgeous babies.

And I got to see some other friends too - not enough talking time to them though :( - and lots of cute babies. Although I now remember we had a conversation about grommets, ear infections and sleeping through!

But thank the Lord, no milestone talk :)

After eating grass, bits of sand, carrots and some birthday cake, and of course, stealing other kids' toys, we headed home.

My only regret? As usual, not having enough time to connect properly with friends while chasing around after my two.

Although I said to D, now maybe people will realise why I absolutely can't go to Fertility babies alone with the babies as I think I ate one piece of quiche on the way to singing for the birthday girls and then Caren brought D & I some cake later.

But... it's all good. My mantra is... ANYTHING but those newborn days :)

I also realised something - I am actually quite relaxed these days.

I didn't really picture myself as the mother on the grass (with no blanket underneath her) letting her kids loose to eat grass and carrot sticks that kept falling on the ground... but it looks like I'm that mother!

Who would have thought?!


  1. They do bring us down to earth, don't they? Literally and figuratively of course.

  2. I *need* to be a little more "that mother" poor children have barely touched grass, and I know that's not a healthy balance! :)

    They did get their first grass stains a few days ago, at a local playground...I'm making (a tiny bit) of progress. I was fine with them playing, but I undressed them in the car so they wouldn't bring any dirt in the house. They gave me the craziest looks as I stripped them down to their diapers in their car seats! HA!!!

  3. LOL Mandy, I thought I would be more like that.

    These days I have dirty jeans and pants all the time, so have the kids - it's crazy. At least your clothes last longer! My stuff is wearing out so quickly :)

  4. It's so hard to have a conversation these days!!! Unless I'm in a yard that is totally fenced in, my eyes are constantly roving!!!

  5. Thanks for mentioning me M, I feel quite important! Yes, it would have been nice to chat more, but as you say, the babies keep us very otherwise occupied these days. And mine aren't even mobile yet!
    I was very impressed at how relaxed you were - I was freaking out when my twins were eating grass. I suppose I will need to get used to it quickly though. I have a problem with dirt, but that will be a norm once my babies start crawling. I will have to take some lessons from you!
    Nevertheless, it was great to see you, D, C & K and to catch up. The party was lovely - thanks again Roz!


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