Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birth control and money

I'm doing the budget (yes, the time stamp is right - 12:18 am - had heavenly two-hour nap today so am wide awake) as I have this "thing" about old money vs new money.

As in, I can't get comfortable spending new money without all the old money fully accounted for.

Yes, I have issues.

So, I'm busy entering "birth control" into my spreadsheet.

I think I should call it "medication" as D has told me he doesn't trust patches - they just don't seem like they'll do the job. I'd forget the whole deal if it weren't for the endometriosis.

Isn't it ironic?

We spent R100 000 to get the babies and now, even thought I'm "sub-fertile", we're doubling up on birth control just to make DOUBLE sure we never have to go through the newborn stage again?!

Feel free to slap me if you're still waiting for your miracle!

P.S. I really must tell you about my crazy obsession with photo shoots and photographers - spent a glorious hour browsing photos this evening.

P.P.S. I know I often say "I must tell you _______ " - please feel free to remind me if I forget, especially you, Deanna. I know you remember everything!


  1. I love when the computer program asks for categories for all my entries. I feel so compelled to label them all or else I will be bothered with the entries that having missing information.

    I also love the total lack of birth control in out house. It makes me feel so careless, not that have anything to worry about in that field! Although I would love another newborn or two!!

  2. I will remind you! : ) I am currently on the lookout for a fall scene to have pictures of the girls done in the next few weeks. Have to do budget soon, too. Ugh!

  3. So funny., once one have them you try to make 100% sure you don't again!


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