Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bored but busy

At the moment I’m going through a bored but busy patch at work.

We’re preparing for our annual strategy conference which means lots of research (PESTER and SWOT analyses) and talking about ideas which does not do “it” for me. I don’t know if it’s an S thing or a Marcia thing.

The company I work for is predominantly NPs so there is lots of up-in-the-air thoughts with no closure. And that freaks me out just a little bit.

Nevertheless, I plough on.

It also happens that I have TONS of work on my plate so I feel I can’t give everything the attention it deserves which is just not me.

And we have a short week as Friday is Heritage Day in South Africa, which means a public holiday – yippee!

Yesterday I met with that Head Honcho guy (thanks to some of you for asking about it) and he was very persuasive, so much so that I was left thinking, “exactly WHY did I decline this offer again?”

But I gave myself a quick talking-to, focused and stayed firm on all the points I needed to.

I told them I wanted a higher salary, job grade and flexible work hours and no guilt if my wild children throw out their arms or develop sudden fevers J Here’s what we agreed – in office 9 – 3:30 but when I’m on projects 8.30 – 4.00 (which I can do comfortably and still make it home in time for V to leave) So he’s going to sort out HR stuff and make me a new offer……..

In other news, I’m trying go to a Yoga or Pilates class. I heard/ read the other day (brain is fuzzy) that Pilates is the exercise equivalent of watching paint dry! LOL – I’ve always thought so as I fell asleep once in my one and only Pilates class.

But I persist... as I need to do something different because I’m bored with my exercise routine. I tried to go to Yoga yesterday, opened the door to the class, saw all these Zen-type people on their coloured mats, felt WAY out of my depth and hugely inadequate and instead went to my comfort zone, a dance class LOL

Are you a Yoga/ Pilates person?

P.S. Yes, I am totally procrastinating the boring stuff by writing this post :)

P.P.S. I'm 60% through with my last Motherstyles post - will post tomorrow!


  1. The first time I walked into a yoga class I felt SO out of place. But after a few sessions I really got into it. I joined a "stand alone" studio though (i.e. not Virgin...), and eventually felt that it was a bit too expensive, with classes not at the most convenient times for me. I then moved onto some pilates (at work - lucky me I know.... but no longer available), and although I liked it I much preferred the yoga.

    Now however, I do practically no exercise, feel guilty and bad about it every day, but just really battling with trying to find some time to fit it in. And I know I should. How do you do it!?

    Bored but busy - I have felt like that this week at work too. And now and then I get the feeling that actually I do need a change... So little time though... Seriously, how do you do it!?

  2. I loved loved LOVED my yoga class until I dislocated my knee. I will be returning as soon as I get clearance. It's the only class I've ever actually looked forward to attending!!!


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