Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yesterday morning the babies went for their nap in the morning and Kendra woke at 11:10.

She generally plays for a bit in her cot and then cries out when she wants to be fetched.

So when she cried out, I picked her up and she was HOT. Granted, she'd been sleeping but I grabbed her, the thermometer and went to D to help me take her temperature.

39.5 degrees

I gave 2.5 ml Panado (they can get 5ml but I'm not really one for medicines...) and by 1pm it was 38.4 (she and I enjoyed a lovely lunch) and at 3.15 it was 37.9.

Then it was time for afternoon "rest" since they don't technically nap at 3:30 and suddenly she started shivering.

D put a blanket over her and she was quiet as a mouse.

Already not a good sign since she talks ALL the time.

Just before making my cup of tea (that's actually what afternoon rest is all about), I had a feeling and went to check on her.

She was RED like a tomato and hot as hell.

I grabbed her and the thermometer and started taking her temperature.

We have a thermometer that you put under the arm and it gives an accurate reading after 1 minute.

Well, I waited about 15 - 20 seconds and when I looked it said 40.5.


I grabbed Kendra (just as is, in a vest and leggings), my bag and car keys and I was out of there.

I had to talk myself down from the ledge because she was quiet and wasn't responding to any of the normal things, e.g. make like a lion, make like a dog, etc. or just general talk.

The hospital is 2 minutes down the road and everything worked out because there was a parking right in front.

I rushed her in and the girl on reception was fantastic! Seriously.

I didn't even have the medical aid card with K & C listed as dependents but she was calm, used my medical aid details and super professional.

And K was seen straight away.

Must be The Notebook I whipped out showing all the temperatures, times, what she ate, drank, etc. :)

(sidenote - and this is why I can never give up The Notebook)

By this time it was only 15 mins after I'd taken her temperature at home and it was 40.4 degrees.

She then vomited for the first time ever (how would I have dealt with reflux babies?!) all over her vest, bib, hair, etc.

They gave her a suppository and in between doctor visits, I kept checking her temperature with my thermometer. 37.8 degrees, then 38.2 degrees while we were there.

There was nothing obviously wrong with her and they tried to collect some urine to see if she had an infection but that bag remained bone dry for an hour.

We left with a prescription to give her a suppository every 6 hours whether or not her temperature was coming down and if nothing changes in 48 hours (48!) then to bring her back.

So she's got until 11 am tomorrow morning.

She woke at 8 pm last night and then we woke her at 2:30 giving her the supp. She hates it!

Today 38.6, 38.8 and now at 8:30 pm, 39.1.

I can only hope it's about to "break".

What does that mean anyway? I thought it "broke" yesterday afternoon and then we had the chills and spike.

Got two empaped (paracetamol) from my friend with the twins and we were chatting... as you do... She said that one of her girls had similar symptoms just as she was getting loads of new teeth.

I checked in Kendra's mouth this afternoon and her gums do look very busy - top and bottom. If that's all it is, then hopefully those teeth come out tomorrow and my little girl can go back to normal.

It is terrible seeing her listless, quiet and crying all the time. Even when she was awake today, all she wanted to do was lay in her cot and think or read :)

P.S. To my friends who have sms'd, sorry, I have no time to reply individually :(


  1. Ack!

    I would have totally freaked out, I don't think I could have driven to the hospital! In fact I wouldn't have driven to the hospital as the hospitals here are more like purgatory.

    I really hope this is just some virus or teeth, poor little girl.

  2. Oh no! Hope she is better now.

    Seems it was baby "fever" weekend, I had my share on Friday.

  3. Sooooo freaking scary! I hear ya...I don't mess around with fevers. Oh, and the vomiting??? Horrible! Hang in did the right thing!

  4. Oh poor girlie! I hope she's feeling better!


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