Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gorgeousness, geekiness and giveaways

MandyE wrote a post a few days ago about how she calls her girls beautiful that reminded me of something I wanted to talk about.

A friend at work popped up to see me and asked how the babies were.

I exclaimed rather passionately, "oh, they're gorgeous" and then I realised what I'd said so I tried to backtrack but another colleague said, "oh yes, B, they definitely ARE gorgeous".


But let me explain.

I think of gorgeousness as yumminess. Like I could eat those little legs, nibble at their cheeks, smother them in kisses because they're "gorgeous".

I do think they're fairly good-looking babies (and of course I know I'm just a tad biased) but I don't think D and I have anything to do with it - God fashioned them exactly as they are.

I also tell the babies that they're gorgeous and the "best little boy/ girl in the whole wide world", etc, etc. I've mentioned before that my parents never told us they're proud of us, etc. and I definitely want to rectify that for my kids.

I don't think they "get" any of that yet but I do want them to grow up with oodles of confidence. In fact, I've always, ALWAYS wanted to run confidence-building workshops for kids and I think it's even more important these days than it was back when I first thought about doing them. I really think kids these days have it hard because there's so much pressure!

Would you think me vain if I told you my babies are gorgeous?

What kind of things do you say to your babies/kids?

P.S. In other news, have you all seen the new stats feature in blogger?

I have slight nerdy tendencies so I spent some lovely time analysing the top posts, seeing where everyone's from (I get 5 times the amount of traffic from the US than SA, and Cat, most of the SA'n traffic is referred from your blog!), the biggest referrers of traffic here, top page views (the post about milktart!), etc.

I must confess - I'm lazy as all get out so even though I have feedburner and all that, I actually never (and I really mean never - like once a YEAR) go in and look at the stats so this was such fun for me.

P.P.S. Do you enter the giveaways in the blogosphere? I never do! It started because most giveaways (like 98%) are for people in the US and Canada, and no-one ships here. But then I got to thinking and really, with my luck, I'd have to enter 5000 to win 1. What are your views on giveaways?


  1. I think it's good to tell your kids they're beautiful, gorgeous, smart, etc. Kids need all the confidence they can get, and if their own parents didn't think they were great, how would they feel?

  2. Oh and as for giveaways, if it's something I can use, I enter. I figure it's worth a shot :)

    One of the first- if not the very first- giveaway I entered was for a Tike Tech stroller and I won.

  3. I used to think all newborns resembled aliens...until I had mine. Then I ordered the birth announcements and swore that my babies weren't like other babies. I swore that until they were 6 months old and I found an old stack of announcements...what was I thinking??? My babies totally looked like aliens! I know...I have problems.

    I also bitch at Husband when he calls Hailey beautiful and not smart! Haha...she can be both!

  4. I do the "you're the most beautiful baby A [or B] in the world", too. :)

    I know this is probably goofy, but I also purposefully compliment the girls in 3's...I tell them they're sweet, smart, and beautiful. Although I hope I never have to explain myself to them, I basically think of that in order of importance.

    Being kind and compassionate is the foundation of what I hope to instill in my girls. Then of course I hope they'll be intelligent (but even if they're not math whizzes, they can still be really nice!). And then beauty - defined in the broadest context - rounds it out.

    I've gotta check out that tracker...sounds very cool!

  5. I don't think its vain at all. I think Ava is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world and I think if we didn't think that there'd be something wrong!

  6. I think it is 100% fine to say that about your kids. To me, truly , all are gorgeous.

  7. I don't think it's vain to say your babies are gorgeous. I do it all the time and I explain that it's not a compliment to me, as they are their own people in their own right. I may have given birth to them, but I take no credit for their gorgeousness (maybe for Liam's - he does look just like me!). But I always tell babies when I say they are cute that they are very smart too!

  8. Ha! I love Rebecca's comment, and totally agree! : )

    AS for the giveaways, I enter when it's something I'm interested in that's easy to enter. I'm not going to jump through hoops, but if it's something simple like commenting on a post, I'll do it. Sometimes it pays off...last year I won two BEAUTIFUL knit hats for the girls. This week, I won THREE giveaways online: one on the Multiples and More blog, one on Lani's blog, and a free photo session from a local photographer. It's been a great week! : )


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