Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have you let yourself go?

I was blog browsing and someone posted about feeling like she'd let herself go because she is a SAHM with a baby of about 8 months.

What's the use, she said, of getting dressed "cute" when you're just home with the baby?

The end conclusion (I read all 38 comments) is that it really doesn't take that long to "put yourself together" and at the end of the day, YOU feel better about yourself. Also, the husbands appreciate it.

Now I'll talk about my situation.

I have and always will be a girl made for comfort and not for style.

I love being comfortable, I would absolutely NEVER "waste" money buying clothes I didn't feel comfortable in.

Which is why I live in jeans and t-shirts, or capris and t-shirts, or shorts and t-shirts... you get the picture.

But when I go to work, I somehow dress up more. I love my suits (those that can still fit me), tailored pants and shirts with jackets.

We have a casual day policy every Friday and I must admit, on those days, I somehow feel less productive and less "get up and go", maybe because I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. I don't know.

When I have TONS to do at work or a meeting where I really need to accomplish lots of things, I tend to dress up more (usually in red, or black with flashes of red - trademark red bag, etc.) so that I feel empowered, confident and energetic.

Most people think I don't wear make-up because I wear so little - the barest hint of foundation, eye-liner and lipstick. Sometimes I bother with some eyeshadow.

I know that most people are not like me. And that doesn't bother me one iota.

I've always felt that as long as you're neat, clean and presentable, you're good to go.

But reading the blog post made me wonder - have I let myself go?

I know I have a bit in the weight department. I think I've been using the fact that I had a twin pregnancy to hide from the simple fact - I am eating too much and not exercising enough.

I've resisted hiring the personal trainer, not for money, as would usually be the case, but because I'm struggling to figure out exactly how I'm going to squeeze 1 hr 15 min into my already full days, 3 times a week.

So while I figure that out, I think I need to up the ante. I'm committing to you to work out (that is at the gym OR in my house) for 45 mins 3 times a week for the next 5 weeks. I'm also going to drink my 2 L of water a day and have one extra veg a day. Carrot sticks, here I come.

After all, I have a photo shoot booked for 30 October.

So how far along the path of "letting myself go" do you think I am?

Are any of you in the same boat and when did you recognise you were at that point?

P.S. I did 140 ab crunches in front of the TV last night for 5 minutes. Onward and upward.....


  1. I hope not. As a physio I never dresed up anyway, especially because I worked with disabled kids in a school - think lots of rioling around on the floor, drool, etc. I almost dress up more now, I try to always wear a bit of make-up, have my hair done once a month and my nails and other stuff every 2 weeks. I took a while to get my body back in shape but after lots of running (and a bit of gym) I'm there. I tend to buy clothes for the girls mostly but am starting to buy more and more for myself. Although I'm a SAHM, so no 2nd income, we fortunately have more disposable income now than we've ever had before.

  2. I was a teacher before all of this Mom stuff and I thought I was pretty cute. When the kids were really little, I hated getting dressed "cute." Now, I love it, but can't do it b/c of this damn knee injury!!! Do you know how much I was looking forward to doing some serious "cute" shopping this fall???

    I also get up at 6 AM every morning and take a shower, put on make up, and dry my hair. It makes me feel better and it makes me look better (which in turn probably makes other people feel better since they don't have to see Ugly Rebecca)!

    I think it depends on what you were like before kids (B.K.). Were you "cute?" Were you comfortable? Did you really give a crap?

  3. Cute has never really been daily style, I am comfort all the way. Since I've had the girls, we don't go out as much which I miss. The cute clothes I did have are a thing of the past and I find that I have turned into the mom that does everything for their kids. I loathe clothes shopping! DH does most of it for me, which is why I have almost every color of Ann Taylor's crew neck t-shirts! I have let go of some grooming obsessions, I'm lucky if I shave twice a week now-GROSS! And I have the same toe color that I put on for the girl's party back in JULY!

    I will admit to missing me-time. I have none. :(
    In my house no me-time = no us-time, because there always seems to be daddy-time.

  4. Yes, things have slipped a bit. I will get back there, but I know this is just not the time for that right now. But I do agree with you, just a little bit of effort can go along way. As I say to my Mom, as you get older you need a lot more help to look better... and that needn't be depressing - it's just growing older/fatter/life happening!

  5. I wouldn't say you are 'letting yourself go' at all...because personal style is what it is, whether it's cute and trendy, dressy, casual, or comfy. I dress up for work, but not overly dressy. I don't wear suits unless I have to appear in court, mostly because they are not comfortable to me. I am not overly trendy, and on weekends I live in shorts/yoga pants and t-shirts.

    Now the weight thing, I am getting dangerously close to letting myself go. Like you said, I have found myself eating way too much and not exercising. I have NEVER been an exerciser, so my method of dealing with it is just to get my eating under control. Which needs to happen soon. : )

  6. In theory, I do feel better when I'm put-together, but that's all relative the majority of the time. "Put-together" means having the opportunity to dry my hair before it dries on its own (and I look like a crazy lady!), and wearing some degree of matching yoga pants and a shirt...as opposed to a tshirt and boxer shorts. (My apologies for the visual of Crazy-Hair Mandy in Hubby's Old Boxers!!!) :)

    I L-O-V-E to dress up and go out to lunch or dinner, with the kiddos or without, but we just don't have many opportunities given that I keep the girls on a pretty tight schedule.

    I think it's a good thing that I'm pretty low-maintenance as far as hair and make-up go, as it's not something I want to make time for (i.e. getting up even earlier!) on a regular basis.

    Oh, and I'm the same as you when I was working...and I do miss my business suits!

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about M. I have "let myself go" since I had my twins. I have put on quite a few kilos and hate the way I look and feel in my clothes. I am also a "comfort" dresser, so don't bother with fashion. I blame not having enough time (or energy) for gym (prior to pregnancy & babies, I used to go 3 times a week, religiously!). Also not enough time for planning our meals in advance etc etc. But now that my babies are bigger, I need to stop making excuses and just make time for gym & healthy eating. It's just a matter of DOING it now!


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