Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it a girl/ boy thing?

Our babies are so different that I sometimes wonder if it's a girl/ boy thing or if it's a Kendra/ Connor thing.

Let me give you an example:

When they come into my study, Connor can trash the place in seconds.


He storms in, pulls over the wastepaper basket where I keep rolls of wrapping paper.

and then he eats it, of course

He'll go towards one of the computers and tug at all the cables, pull over the chair, pull over the other bins (I have separate paper and "other" wastepaper baskets) and if he can find any CDs, oh, then he's in heaven.

He is also tall so can reach half way across my desk when he stands on his toes.

Tall boy
I usually tidy up after them but one day I left everything to show D. He was even amazed at Connor's ability to cause havoc.

(D now says to me, "oh I can see Connor was here" in our bedroom because all his things are messed up)

Now Kendra will crawl in, smile at me and talk a bit. I generally pick her up and put her on my lap and she'll point at things on the desk and I tell her what those are.

"Yes, baby, Mummy's phone... calculator..." and on and on.

Insanely curious.

Then she does this thing with her legs that tells me she wants down and she'll typically open my handbag and look through. Or crawl to my library bag and play with the beading on the bag, etc.

D calls them Curious Girl and Destructor Lad.

This is very typical - Connor pulling down things and Kendra sitting and playing with things
Racing each other towards me, hence the blur - it is very sweet!

Is it a boy/ girl thing, or a K/ C thing?

In other news, last night Kendra started crying early (9:15 pm). I went in and said to her, "what's wrong, baby?" She then did the sign for milk so I said , "no baby, it's the middle of the night, no milk" and she burst out crying. Big, dramatic sobs like I'd been starving her for weeks on end. OY!


  1. I'm trying to remember what Phoebe was like when she was a baby, as our twins are both boys and they are different too, but they both seem to be good at destroying and pulling things out. I think Phoebe was the same too, but I think she was better at wanting to sit on my lap while I read her a book. Tommy will sit on my lap for his favorite book for about 5 seconds. Then he's off and playing about the room. I still finish the book for them, but they just won't sit still for story time.

  2. No I think it is a twin thing hehe.
    You have one that can destroy a place in seconds and the otherone gladly play along.

    Mine like to take everything out of the nappy bin (spoegdoeke) and dustbins and then push the nappy bin and dustbin all over the house.

    Luckily they know they don't unpack the kitchen cupboards, and boy oh boy do they love my jewelery boxes (mommy is getting grey hair by the day)

  3. Adorable crawling photo!

  4. See, now, both of my girls can destroy a room in 30 seconds flat, so I'm thinking it is not a boy/girl thing. A will sometimes find something to hold her interest and sit down for a few minutes like K in your picture...but then M comes along and takes her toy and they're at it again.

    One of their favorite things is to find a basket of laundry (clean or dirty, doesn't matter to them) and FLING the clothes out one at a time. They throw them backwards over their shoulder like they're looking for something good to wear. It's kind of funny, but oh, the mess.

  5. My guys destroy anything and everything. They are so destructive. I think it's a boy thing.

  6. B/G thing...Matt will rip everything apart and Hailey will follow him along and put everything alphabetical order!

  7. It amazes me how different boys and girls are from day one. I had two boys. Both very easy going babies. Hardly cried or fussed. As they got older, they became more independant.

    Then I had my daughter...
    She is much more fussy and clingy. Everything hurts her feelings. She loves to be around people and is more social. She likes dolls and stuff animals as toys where as the boys like trucks and light up toys that made noise (the more noise- the better in their opinion).

  8. Michelle5:14 am

    I'm a long time reader, but first-time commenter. I love your blog and can't wait to read each new post. I thought it was so cute that K signed milk when she woke early. Then to read that you told her no it was nighttime... I was impressed. I would have given her the bottle and then halfway through realized she doesn't get middle of the night bottles anymore. Oops. Ha. I have 10 month boys who are still waking 1-2times a night each. I remember that you had success with watering down their bottles. Like you, I have a difficult time with the crying when I think they could really be hungry. I'm thinking of trying to water down bottles during the night (I always breastfeed them in the middle of the night, but I'm ready to try something new even though I'm sad to say goodbye to breastfeeding). Our other option is stopping the feedings cold-turkey, and I'm just dreading having to do that. Do you have any tips or encouragement for me?

  9. Oops, forgot my email.

  10. It's a boy/girl thing. I swear! Boys are so different than girls. But again, it is also a twins thing. Maybe because my twins are boys. They are hectic! But the one also more than the other.

  11. David is just like Connor then - he came into my bedroom this afternoon, took the shoes out and put them on the bed, pulled all the tissues out the box and that was as far as I let him go... he is VERY busy. I hope I can remember this when he's older!

  12. Boys and Girls are very similar - and very different.

    For instance, when my kids are learning to write - the girls tell stories about their "trip" ... "Here we go up the hill, my this is taking a long time, Wow, we are at the top. Now we will go back down the other side. Stop before you fall off the cliff. Now we have to cross the bridge and we are HOME!"..... (Letter A). My boys (including my sister's 3 boys) tend to do it this way ... "And they're off, (race car noises) (race car stops) We are at the top of the mountain, Fast, down the other side, (more race car noises) (breaks squeal), OH NO, there is a monster under the bridge, (roaring sound as the pencil crosses the bridge).

    Some I things I can think of, off of the top of my head.

    Boys make more NOISE. Girls converse more.

    Boys like to take things apart and explore more. Girls like to imitate more.

    Boys tend to be rougher and tougher. Girls tend toward "pretty".

    Boys tend to action. Girls tend to think and feel.

    Boys tend to solve things with their heads. Girls tend to solve things with their hearts.

    Just to scratch the surface. And those are just tendencies. My Kendra is very much an action girl. Personality plays a huge role in where they fall in those tendencies - still, Kendra is less apt to jump off the top of a house than a boy would with her personality. She is more likely to burst into song at a party - or act out one of her books in the middle of walmart.

    There is a book ... something along the lines of "Personality for Mom's". Goes well with the book you are reading with the letters. After Kendra and I analyzed both books, we decided that they didn't mesh (what we expected) but they gave a new dimension to personality. For instance, two of us came out with the same 4 letter combo ... but they were different according to the other personality book - one being an I (phlagmatic?) and the other a D (headstrong and determined).

    So you have two levels of personality mixed with the tendency of how a boy or girl thinks - and that is a LOT of variations!


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