Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's have some tea

or coffee, if that's more your thing.

Actually, these days, it's a big glass of cold water with a slice of lemon for me :)

I'm tired of hearing myself talk so let's hear from you.

Let's pretend the dads were looking after the kids.

If we were to meet at a coffee shop, what would we talk about? What's on your mind? And what would you order?


  1. Coffee - Americano, with milk. Maybe two of those.

    Ooooh, we could talk about lots, but since I don't know you, we could alk about "who we are". And about your work.

    And about how on earth the water with lemon is going to help keep you awake!

    Should we talk about the kids too?

    And while we are at it we can solve the world's poverty problem... All in a days work :)

  2. Oh I am a coffee addict - so it would be some form of coffee. And cake - if it's a treat to meet you, there must be cake - Greek milktart or lemon meringue.

    I would love some organizing tips,but I bet we will talk twins.

  3. Coffee- def coffee.

    As to what to talk about. I am sure kids would come up (doesn't it always?) and I would love some tips from you since you seem to have tons of knowledge!

  4. Pumpkin spice latte if you were here in the US...yay fall

    Is it going to be annoying if I just say that I remember? I only have one to keep up with though! Once he starts to add a bunch, I will prob just keep a post-it on the kitchen counter and add words to a list. I'm also a SAHM so I'm with him pretty much every minute of the day that he is awake.

    Once I learn a new sign, I just look for opportunities to use the word. I always use the word and sign at the same time. Henry is starting to add them quickly at this age, but I started around 6 months.

  5. We have someone coming to work in the house for a few hours today, so I'm planning to take the girlies to the coffee shop to kill a little time. I've been plotting what to order all morning. I'm thinking I might have to splurge on my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Yeah, it's still 90 degrees here in mid-September (UGH!), but I can at least *pretend* that fall is approaching. :)

    (Oh, this is funny...I just read the other comments after I wrote that...seems like Courtney and I are on the same page!)

  6. Oh gosh, you guys - pumpkin ANYTHING sounds good to me :)

  7. I would have a sweet blended coffee drink of some sort. White chocolate moccha, maybe.

    I am sure we would talk about kids and being twin moms, but I would also want to hear about what it's like living in South Africa. I'm sure that would start conversation about other places we've been or would like to go to, so that's probably what we would spend a lot of time talking about. : )

  8. I'm a terrible orderer - always regretting my choice. Probably a boring coffee with lots of milk and a little sugar. Topics - how to get motivated to organize my life instead of watching TV at night. I am sure you are very inspiring! Or if you like TV too I love to talk about it. Hey, everyone needs a hobby. :)

  9. Well, I'd be late as I'd be sleeping in my hotel room...

    Once I showed up, it'd be a giant glass of ice cold milk! This pumpkin talk has gotten me hungry for a pumpkin roll! Love it-too bad the pumpkin harvest was crap last year and now pumpkin is impossible to find.

    After a brief get-to-know-you-in-real-life session I think we'd turn to career talk, and relationship talk cause there is so much girl talk that I just can't talk to DH about!

  10. I drink hot chocolate. That's likely no surprise to you!

    What would be talk about? Children, of course. Cultures of the world, I imagine. Working parenthood. Co-parenting. Life, the universe and everything?

  11. Some sort of big gourmet coffee with lots of sugar and cream and whipped cream. And dessert. Maybe pumpkin cheesecake or something chocolate. And I'd probably be too busy stuffing my face to talk LOL

  12. Hot chocolate thanks.

    We would probably chat about IF and how far we have come. You could also give me loads of baby tips!

  13. A giant cappuccino (froth not cream) for me and probably a slice of cake and I'd definitely be whinging about how tired I am! :-)

  14. Can I order a toasted bacon and avo sandwich, earl grey, and if I have space some chocolate cake? When I'm pregnant, you can't hold me back wrt food. We can talk about work, kids... we do and we usually run overtime. Am I the only one who's actually done this with you in real life?!

  15. Skinny vanilla latte and a biscotti would be for me!

    And I think I'd want to pick your brain on organizing and time management. I'm always working on that. And the differences between boys and girls.


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