Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday night gumbo

Today was a write-off at work. Too many meetings (4). My comfort level is 3 so I have time to action things too. I also left early because V sent a text to say Kendra's temperature was back up to 38. Guess tomorrow I'll have to pull out all stops and get my stuff done.

Despite all this, I am proud because I forced myself to go to gym. Amazing what competition will do. There are 5 - 6 of us all on a quest to lose weight so every Monday morning we weigh in. So far I've lost nothing - I gained, stayed the same and then lost the 0.5 kg so am right back where I started. The front runner has already lost 2 kg in the 3 weeks!

Kendra's temperature was coming down so nicely today and then again, up to 38. She is a lot more herself though. Doing her little Kendra things (i.e. being cute and talking lots). We've now woken up 2 nights in a row at 2:30 to give her a suppository and tonight will be night 3. Funny how it's not a big deal to get up in the middle of the night...

Since I was basically housebound this weekend caring for Kendra, I decided to "make myself useful" and cooked up a storm on Sunday (7 meals for us {14 portions} and 4 meals for the babies {8 portions}. I also totally decluttered my bedroom and as I wear things that look horrible, I will be throwing some more out. Tomorrow my gardener will be sporting a genuine South African soccer shirt and cap as I've decided that the horrible mustard yellow is just not a good colour on me and why hang onto things just because they cost a lot of money?

I am thinking of starting yet another blog because I figure, surely these things happen to me for a reason? Let me give you a quick example. Logged a call with my ISP on 25 Aug at 11:31. No response despite then going onto their website about a week later to complain until today. Again, no one qualified called me. I am so tired of this rubbish and I am starting to believe that it is my 3rd mission in life to educate people about treating customers properly. I told another company last week, "if I treated my customers the way you've been treating me, I would have been fired." Enough said.

But how are YOU doing? Is it just around these parts or is everyone verrrrrry, verrrrry quiet?


  1. A whole lot of quiteness around here!

    **chirp chirp**

    I'm a bit jealous that you have a gardener as I spent my afternoon tending to the yard and cutting down the neighbors' tree! Glad K is feeling better.

  2. Oh Mandy, nothing to be jealous of... he comes once every two weeks for half a day :)

  3. Oh your day sounds hectic. Sick in bed on this side, hence the general quietness.

  4. So sorry to hear about your unwell K. I hope whatever it is that she gets back to her normal self. (I blame everything on teeth :-) )
    I have extended family with me on a stop over to Mayotte. Works well so I'm not entirely on my own as Keith is in China on business trip for a week. I have literally spent 80% of my time in the kitchen, but I love cooking. When Keith comes home we'll probably just eat Nando's as I'll be on strike!

  5. I wish I was louder - that'd mean I had time to come up for air :) Sorry the kids have been sick. The Minx ran for a while at just over 40. Yucks. Can't imagine doing it with 2. One was scary enough. Love the idea of a blog about good customer service. One thing I have found time for this week is to 'constructively feedback' to a couple of marketing managers at large orgs about the less than amazing customer service experiences that I've had. Ah well, I'll be keen to see what you have to say. Anyway - hello hello :)

  6. I'm so glad Kendra is feeling better! And doesn't it feel nice to declutter? Since the babies transitioned to sippy cups a few months ago, I am so loving having my countertops back! :)

    We had a holiday weekend in the States, with Labor Day on Monday. That may explain some of the least it does from me. We were out of town, and I'm struggling to get caught up on the computer.

    Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!

  7. Very quiet on my end of the blogging world, I know! The holiday weekend here kept us busy, and I'm just now starting to catch up.

    I hope K is feeling much better! I dread seeing my girls throw up for the first time. Poor thing!!


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