Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The start of a photo organising system and today's naughtiness

As you know, my normal style is severe procrastination with photo downloading/ uploading. It's almost a rule that at least a month needs to pass before photos will be up/ downloaded.

But I'm determined to get this photo system working better.

I'm actually up to date up til 31 August which is a miracle.

Also, I delegated some of the photo stuff to D :)

So I download from camera to laptop and then he goes through, deleting duds, cropping, and so on. And then I organise into the respective folders (babies, organising and project 365, as well as my "crazy" folders like skies and food :))


My usual custom now that it's hot is to get home, strip out of work clothes and put on shorts and then get on the carpet and play with the kids.

By "play" I mean Connor pulls my hair and crawls all over me while Kendra circles us, avoiding the roughness and only ventures in when it's safe. If Connor occupies himself, then I chase Kendra up and down my open-plan section and she SCREECHES with laughter.

It's huge fun and I love their giggles.

So I'm waiting for some furniture to arrive (don't ask - this is the reason I want to do that customer service blog) and I have a lovely clear white wall at the moment. Remembering how Claudia's been saying to work with a clear background, I thought this boring wall is perfect for pics.

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the babies to co-operate.

They don't sit still so I had the not-so-bright idea to give them the rattles V was using to try and get them to look in one direction.

Big mistake.

Connor has one but wants Kendra's too so this is what happened.

This is the naughtiest I have ever seen him. I am VERY afraid.

Had I carried on taking pics (the battery went dead), the next one would have shown Connor throwing a temper tantrum because I was Tough Mom and confiscated BOTH rattles.

Tomorrow I have literally back-to-back-to-back meetings (and hellishly long ones) right from 8 until 1:30, a half-hour break, and then another one.

Are you having a good week?

P.S. I'm feeling very virtuous - I went to gym twice this week :)


  1. That's one of the tough things for me with twins...if I confiscate both toys, or even one coveted toy, it seems to punish both children...even if only one was naughty. At some point there may be a peer pressure component to weigh to my advantage, but I don't know that that's super healthy, either. :(

    And I'm feeling pretty virtuous, too, at least following the 3-day weekend when I ate like a little piggy and drank like a big fish. (Did I just type that on a public forum???) :) The last couple of days I've been a model student in the art of eating well. Sadly, I'm already salivating, thinking about this weekend. We have a huge ballgame to watch (college football), the first big one of the season, and I feel the need for some sinful gameday treats.

  2. Those pictures are so funny! She looks so sad and he just looks so so happy!


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