Wednesday, September 01, 2010

They're still babies!

Look at those cheeks! And those eyelashes! And those baby hands!

I could just bite those gorgeous cheeks :)


  1. He's like a little cherub! I was noticing how mature the girls looked the other day, it made me a little sad.

    Sidenote-I bite my children all the time! It's a fine game and they crack up! They have the cutest little laughs. But for I can even get out "I'm going to eat you up" they are in stitches.

  2. Oh, my sweet! I l-o-v-e baby hands and feet! And cheeks and eyelashes, too! :)

  3. SO precious!! I love chubby little baby hands. And those rosy cheeks...YUM!! : )

  4. Ag ja, just look at it.

  5. What a wonderful blessing they are!! So adorable!

    Babies are our treasure on earth...I was reminding them of that this last week as I was moving them into their dorm rooms. :o(

    I also liked your list of 36. I'm a goal setter, so that was right up my ally. Question: If I"m 46 does that mean I need to come up with 46 things?? :o)

    God bless!

  6. Yes...they're still babies with their little fat rolls and beautiful eyelashes!


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