Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two broken toilet seats in two days, and other goings on

What are the chances?

Day before yesterday our toilet seat from over 5 years (we’ll be in the house 5 years on 1 Nov) broke so yesterday D went to get another.

I was on it twice when it broke again!

Surely it can’t be sending me a message????

I’m putting it down to inferior toilet seats (not cheap at R200 a pop – they’re wooden – I don’t like a cold bum) :)


In other news...

I had to do a "client presentation" at work this morning to my team. We all have to do it so I volunteered to go first just to get it over and done with. I am SO GLAD it's done!

It was postponed from two weeks ago which means it has been hanging over my head. Don't you hate that?!

They were VERY harsh in their "feedback", not so much of mine but of the more senior team member who also did hers. I got good feedback on presentation style but some content was lacking :)

I wasn't upset - I went and got my hair done and dressed smart in a suit even though it is casual day today... because I was pretending that it was a real client presentation.

So glad it's over!


And... I fired the cleaning lady last week. I just had enough.

I can't tell her the same things week in and week out (she only comes once a week) and the previous week I told her "it's not going to work out if I have to keep repeating myself" and so I did it.

I phoned the last of the ladies on my old list of contacts who was supposed to come in on Tuesday. She just didn't pitch so that's her.

Yesterday I grabbed the newspaper and started phoning a new bunch of ladies. If they sound "half asleep" on the phone, I immediately stop the phone interview as they're certainly not going to be any more energetic in person.

Well, lady 2 sounded great and came today. She seemed nice..but then again they all do. I told her on the phone that I don't want to have to tell her obvious things - she needs to use her initiative.

So we'll see....

Tonight I have a really exciting task to look forward to - completing my income tax return :)

What's going on in your life?

P.S. The baby was born today and it's a BOY!!!! Thank God because I bought blue everything :)


  1. The internet tells me your toilet seat was only $28! That is a steal here for a wooden seat! We need to replace ours because I'm particular about germs and such but I don't have the extra funds to replace them all! I hate having so many bathrooms, more to clean!

    Our income taxes are due in the first quarter of the year and I loathe them. So many things to review and deduct! I think I'd rather give the government a flat fee and be done with it over scrounging for my money back! As much as I would love a cleaning lady, I don't think anyone would do things the way I approve. I don't know how you tolerate interviewing all these people, I would get frustrated and give in. I hate the phone!

    It's nap time here so I'm catching up on blogs, reviewing my accounts, and generally wasting time. I really should feed myself and get lunch together but who can tear themselves away from blogger?

  2. I need to replace some toilet seats because the ones from the builder should not be cheap, but they stain and scratch very quickly. Not happy with them at all!


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