Monday, October 25, 2010

10 good things about having twins

Scottish people sunbathing in 15 degree weather - poor things :)

Ducks in Scotland

Now that the craziness of newborns is well past, I must say that I love having twins.

I love having boy/ girl twins too but that's a topic for another post.

Some reasons off the top of my head:
  1. the newborn stage ONCE (yes, it was triple crazy because it's not just double the work as I thought it would be) because once it's over, it's OVER)
  2. double the cuteness
  3. double the laughs
  4. they have a friend and playmate, right there (love hearing them talk and laugh with one another so much so I'm wondering if we ever actually need a bigger house, again that's a title for another post)
  5. we finish food quicker (this is a plus for me; I hate half-eaten anything, so one banana between twins? Love it. Also I get bored so I love cooking new food all the time)
  6. we order one kid meal when we eat out and only leave two chips (French fries)
  7. we each have a baby to play with
  8. one baby is always a "control" (I studied science and when you do experiments, there is a control and then your experiment) and behaves somewhat like what the books say they should behave. Please note that the control is never the same baby, two instances in a row.
  9. when one baby is crabby, the other usually wants to indulge my hugs and kisses, photos, etc. But the BEST reason.......
  10. People think you're a rock star.
These days I feel a bit guilty when people say, "they must be such a lot of work. I can barely cope and I have one" and I say, "um, yes"

But really what I want to say is, "I LOVE THIS STAGE (just like that, in caps). It is busy as all get out but I would not swop these active, boisterous, curious, hands-in-everything babies for ANYTHING"

So, I have two sick babies (which is one bad thing about having twins but let's keep this positive) and we went to the doctor (not the paed) this morning.

Both have ear infections and non-clear lungs, Connor very mild but Kendra quite serious so we have to watch her closely and if she's not better by Thursday, she goes back. Connor should be 100% fine by then.

The doctor has a 8 1/2 month-old baby girl so she was one of those raving about how awesome we're doing.

I am not modest if I feel like I've accomplished something fantastic but I really don't think we're doing all that fantastic (we're just doing what we have to do). At this point my coach tells me, "yes, while working FT and running a business, running a house, cooking and being married, and blogging on two blogs, blah blah blah", but this is me - I like to be busy.

While it's nice to know professionals think we're doing a great job and we do take what people say and give ourselves a very quick pat on the back before running after Connor :), doesn't it just come with the territory?

Would you consider yourself a modest person? Really? :) Otherwise, what is your favourite baby/ child stage?

P.S. Moms of twins, share your best reasons in the comments

P.P.S. I had a long chat with my friend, M, last night and she was absolutely glad we didn't come (although she did go on and on about all the food she'd prepared because she only retrieved my msg at 10:30 Sat pm ...) as M "picks up anything going around" LOL


  1. My favorite thing is that my girls will virtually never have to be alone (unless they want to, of course). When we go to the playground, there is automatically a friend there to play with. When they started MDO, there was a familiar face in the classroom. I just love that. I pray that they will continue to be glad to have a sister around and will be friends (post on that topic coming soon).

    I totally agree....I love having two busy little ones!! Hope K & C are feeling better.

  2. I think I would describe myself as modest. I dislike all the attention I get over having the girls. I think people would do the same in my situation because you do what you have to to survive!

    I am missing the infant days ( Iknow you're shuddering) but I am hoping that they will pick up the baby signing and we can avoid some of our melt downs. I am really not enjoying this tantrum bit that Emma has started. Although the looks of disgust Claire gives her when she scream are priceless!

    This sounds crazy, but I love catching them when they've gotten into something! The other day they tore all the tissues out of the box and were ripping them into pieces! A small snow storm passed through the living room-hilarious!

  3. I'm an only child, and I was determined to have at least two kids, close in age. My three oldest are within three years, all boys. Then my girls are 2.5 years apart.

    There's a five year gap between my youngest girl and the twins, because of our losses...

    Anyway, my point is I always wanted kids who were close enough in age to be friends growing up, because sometimes it was lonely being an only child.

    I love that the twins have each other since there is such a gap between them and the rest. And now that I have twins, I think all babies should come in pairs, it's so fun to watch them together.

    I love squishy newborns, but I think my favorite is once they're walking and talking. Every day is an adventure, they're always learning and exploring, but still little enough to need to cuddle :)

  4. In some ways I feel a little sorry for Josephine since she isn't a twin! I think that says it all.

  5. #10 is sooo true :-)

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