Friday, October 22, 2010

My work week was a 7

I am finally feeling totally okay at work (not overwhelmed, able to deliver excellent service and go above and beyond, which is what I thrive on) and by this time next week, I'll be feeling even better because our strat will be done.

The strat is next Tues and Wed. I usually hate these things because it's a lot of loud-mouthed people in a room, all trying to be cleverer than the next one. Except for the one or two of us who literally just roll our eyes at the childishness of it all. I am always amazed at how grown, professional people who work in corporate can revert to childish behaviour, just better articulated.

Yesterday we had some final strat prep work and two of the people were clearly ticked off at one another. I'm not the most intuitive so I eventually thought, "nooooo, maybe I'm just imagining it?" but it turns out not.

After the meeting, the new lady says to us after two people had run off to other meetings, "was it just me or did those two have vibes going on?"

Another lady and I said together, "I picked up vibes between you and person 1".

She didn't even notice but I thought this is my chance so I said, "I don't think what you did was wrong; it was the way that you did it that made me feel uncomfortable as I feel it should have been dealt with afterwards"


Hey, if you ask for my feedback, I will give it to you.

She took that advice and I actually saw the two of them chatting afterwards.

I hope there's not a lot more of that corporate bickering going on Tues and Wed!

In other news, I organised a work baby shower and it all went well.

Stress!!! I'm good at the organising but not at the making things look pretty so all the food was there, balloons, whatnot, but fortunately a team member came to my rescue and made things look pretty.

The one thing I do like to do is make things special in some way so I got all the people to write messages in a little journal instead of cards. Shame - the girl cried when she saw it and said she was so touched, so all that hounding people to come write in the book for the last week/ 10 days was all worthwhile.

And then finally, as I was leaving work today, I ran into the girl I had coffee with last week. She had an interview with him today and said to me, "even if it doesn't work out, I felt so confident in my awesomeness (as you would say, Marcia!)"


I LOVE IT! Love that she remembered what I told her, love that she had a good interview, but best of all, love that she thinks she's awesome.

So I left work on a total high this afternoon.

How was your week? I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know!

P.S. After the baby shower, I vegged out for about an hour reading a lovely blog which I never would have found if she hadn't commented on my Amazing Race post earlier this week. Yes, we're different in the lesbian/ straight, SAHM/ working fulltime thing but I SO get her writing and posts on parenting. Go over and make friends with a fellow twin mom who lives in a city on my life list :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out and the compliment! I enjoy reading your blog as well and you've inspired me to blog more since no matter how long your list of things to be done might be--you ALWAYS seem to make time for a daily post.

    My week was about a 4. Too many early morning wake ups and breast feeding problems this week.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm going with a strong 3.7. This week SUCKED! On top of the missing computer and flood damaged basement, I found mold in the basement. FANTASTIC! Tuesday DH had a crash and totalled MY new car. :( I should mention he is fine after being checked out at the ER. He did miss 3 days of work, and spent them at home pestering me and moping about being a "car killer"(which he totally is). Then once we received word the car was a total loss, he was not pleased that he had to miss another day to visit the insurance office with me. Boys...

    I'm kicking in the extra .7 because the girls are cute and keep me strong and for trying to stay positive about my new endeavor for being a 1 car family. I'll save so much money and be environmentally friendly and all the jazz....

    Total lie, I am going to die this winter without my heated seats and mirrors and I don't think I can drive without steering wheel controls!

  3. I read that blog from your comment too...and really enjoyed it! I love finding new twin parents.

    My week was a 6...not bad, but not great either. I didn't feel very productive at work, but maybe I'll make up for it this weekend. Hoping next week is a step up!


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