Saturday, October 16, 2010

Biting, baking and beautiful friends

Thank you for all your lovely and very helpful comments on yesterday's travel post.

D says he's still Super Scared of flying with these two because "our kids don't even want to sit still in church"

I said, "they are NORMAL babies and if people don't realise that, too bad"

I hope the bravado holds up when we're actually on the plane.


After the biting incident on Saturday, Kendra bit both Connor and me again on Tuesday.

Connor is now sporting a lovely, purple bruise on his left forearm (did you hear his screams in Jhb at around 8 am? lol). My shoulder is okay because I had my work clothes on and her teeth didn't get through.

I was just a little bit scared that she'd bite her little friend, David, today as my beautiful friend, Nat, came to visit. I don't want K's biting to affect our relationship!

Nat is pregnant with number 2 (brave, brave woman) and is looking really beautiful - oh I do miss the preggo hormones for the hair and skin!

Fortunately, we had no biting incidents and the kids seemed to play together okay.

As for us, we had a lovely time (always too short) and I even made an apple pie. Yum. I love anything with apples and cinnamon. God truly knew what He was doing when he made apples and cinnamon - is there anything better?!


I really hope I'm not jinxing this "no biting" streak by writing this post .........

Does anyone else's kids bite? How did you get them to stop? Did they listen???

Alright, I'm off to bed now to READ. I'm nearly done with book 3 and as you know, my reading goal every month is 5 books.

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  1. Baby B started biting when she was 15 months old or so...and poor Baby A was her favorite chew toy. I hate to admit that A got so many bites, even a couple on her face. Sometimes I could see the "wind-up" and intervene, but other times I wouldn't even know when it happened. How awful I felt as a mom to walk around with one baby with big round bruises all over!

    From everything I read, and everyone I talked to (including our pediatrician), you should be consistent with your disapproval of the action, but ultimately it's most likely a phase that will pass.

    My phrase was "No biting! Biting hurts!" I used a stern tone of voice, negative facial expression, and the sign for "hurts". And then I would cuddle Baby A (who, oddly, usually wasn't very upset!).

    The biting probably lasted 6 weeks or so, but we've only had a few, what I hope are isolated, incidences over the past few months.

    Good luck! Oh, and I made a yummy apple pound cake - with loads of cinnamon - this good! I'm making an apple pie tomorrow, as we still have apples from our trip to the pumpkin patch that I need to use. I love fall apples! :)


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