Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blog stats and other boring things

I just happened to go through the blog stats again.

It's all kinds of interesting.

The highest search terms are

preparing for IVF :(
I've been spotting for a week :( and
Infertility and the Christian

May I never forget!

Some of my highest viewed posts have the least comments. What does that mean?

From your point of view, who on earth knows?!

But from my point of view, at least I didn't waste time writing the post. You read even though you didn't feel strongly enough to say hello :)

Do you check blog stats?

P.S. This is only the 2nd time ever that I've checked stats this year! *bad blogger*


  1. I have never checked my stats, and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure I know how! But I'm really curious now... :)

    I think you found me, but I'm sure either way we were both googling IVF blogs!

  2. Weird these stats - really, I seldom bother.

  3. My stats are strange, mostly IVF stuff, googling names of medicine and also depression stuff. Quite sad really.

  4. I do check mine and my biggest searches are for 'selective reduction' and 'my magic brings Voldemort to the yard'


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