Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crazy work overwhelm

I know you're tired of hearing me say how much work I have and how busy it all is.

I had a catch-up with my boss on Friday and told him this is getting ridiculous and I will have to learn to say no.

My to-do list system looks like this:

  1. Every day at the end of the day I write down things I need to do the following day.
  2. Then the next morning, I start working.
  3. As I complete items, I highlight the items. I like highlighting so I can still see what's there yet I have the satisfaction of crossing things off.
  4. Usually, everything gets done or at most, 1 or 2 things need to be carried over.
  5. I don't bother to rewrite those; I just do them together with the current day's work.

The system hasn't been working well because I am way too busy.

So I have pages and pages and pages of non-highlighted work :)

Which is freaking me out.

This is not me.

I actually, in a moment of madness, considered taking a day or two's leave so that I'm out of the office, just to catch up on everything and get back on track.

When I realised how crazy that is, I decided I have to start saying no more to The New Person, even if I no longer come across as "superwoman" to her.

I've been staying late, working from home, all the usual tricks...

The boss asked if I'm not overreacting too soon.

I said "no" because I am VERY good at working quickly and effectively and there is just too much "not in my skill set" stuff which is slowing me WAY down.

One set of work is 80% done and things should start easing off IF I stay completely focussed this coming week.

I've also taken a day's leave on Wed to take the kids to the paed and the nurse, and for a date afternoon with D :)

I know it's not true but whenever I'm in a work funk, it always seems like everyone else is just cruising along and that no-one has as much work as I do :)

Any advice?


  1. DELEGATE!!! Give what you can to someone else...don't be like the rest of us and never ask for help. It's unhealthy!

  2. Noo! Help me please! Ok, just joking but my lists are looking pretty much like yours. I just do them in the morning as I can not "shut off" for the evening if I do them before going home.


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