Monday, October 11, 2010

How I met my husband

Scotland - one of my favourite pics of us ever, on top of the Stirling Jail,
taken by a blog friend (now a real friend)

A Sunday morning in London, on our way to church

In our friends' apartment in Liverpool

Cork, Ireland

I was in the shower and heard my name being called on the intecom.

I towelled off as best I could, put on a towelling dressing gown, wrapped another towel around my wet hair and went upstairs.

And there he was - D.

He said something like, "I heard from some of the girls in your res that you do ballet."


"Well, I'm filming a music video and I'd like you to dance for me"

Of course I thought he was a pervert so I said, "definitely not".

At the time I also thought that I was "so unfit" because I hadn't danced for 3 or 4 months.

Ha! I was actually still in peak physical condition - 17 years old and in shape.

So that was how we met.

Long story short we then knew each other by sight, he started sitting at the same dining table, we went to a movie as friends on 10 October and in the early hours of the morning on 11th, we started "going out".

That was 18 years ago today.

I've been together with D for half my life and he's my very best friend. He knows and gets me like no-one else (except God).

I would NEVER have thought I'd travel this journey. On a very basic level, I wouldn't even be living in this city if it weren't for him. Yes, I moved her for love :)

So how did you meet your husband?


  1. Janko and I will celebrate our 15-year dating anniversary next week, so I'll be doing some kind of similar post. I swear I can't be old enough to have been together with my hubby for 15 YEARS! :)

    Happy anniversary to you! And that is such an awesome picture of you guys in Scotland...beautiful! And I love your "how indecent" thought at your now-hubby's initial proposal. That's too funny...and a great story!

  2. Fun story! Congratulations on 18 years together.

    Jeremy and I met a fraternity party right before the start of my junior year of college (we were 20). Typical college story, right? : ) We celebrated eight years together in August.

  3. Congrats on your 18 years! Hope the next 18 are just as joyful.

    I met my husband 14 years ago (15 next January), during my first week in a new city. Feels like yesterday.

    Now that's love - moving there... Don't think I would move there for anything less! (not that it is really that bad or anything, I just love where I live so much :))

  4. Oh that's sweet!

    I have written the whole story in my "The story of us" section on my blog.

  5. Cat, I love your story! I caught up on your whole history (don't feel stalked!) about a month ago on your blog :)

  6. We met in our 2nd year at Tygerberg medical campus,way back in 1995. In the August he asked me to go to a Huisdans with him and that was that, just over 15 years ago. We got married in 2003, so went out for quite a while as he took longer to finish studying(medicine is longer than physio) and then did all his internship and community service. In the mean time I worked overseas and in PE a bit.

  7. Our 16 year anniversary is on October 22. We met at university. We both had the same major but he was a year ahead of me. We ran into each other the first time in the hallway and a little voice in my head said, "That's the man you're going to marry." We were apparently both in relationships at the time and didn't talk to each other then. Two years later, he sat down and talked to me and the time was right. We got engaged 10 months later and then married 10 months after that.

  8. I love all the stories!

    I actually heard from a girl in my res that 80% of couples meet at university. Don't know how true that is, but look at all the commenters :)

    I know in my tiny res of 51, about 4 of us hooked up that year and are still married today.

  9. How sweet! I didn't realize you were a dancer. I was working for a dotcom my last year of college in Washington, D.C. and they hired Husband as another associate writer and I was annoyed that I had to "train" someone to be my boss. There weren't enough seats in the office so he sat in the conference room with me and another intern. He eventually asked us to go for happy hour (introduced me to Scotch) and when the other intern was in the bathroom he asked me on a date. Slightly tipsy I said yes and then wondered if it was a good idea to date someone I worked with. My sister said - "hey, it's a free meal" and the rest is history. We didn't tell anyone at work and I left about 4 months later after I graduated.

  10. I met him online in a cheesy AOL chat room, LOL

  11. My sister was best friends with a girl that went to church with him. She would roll her eyes when I tried to make a joke and say, "The only other person I know that makes jokes like that is Tim R." ... Of course I was curious.

    Turned out I started working at the college library as an incoming freshman. He was sticking around for a 3rd semester senior and did supervisor work at the college library in the evenings ... and we worked together one night a week for 4 hours. It was usually VERY slow. I was sort of dating another guy - but he kept saying we were just friends - so I broke up.

    Tim was suppose to leave and get a job that December after he graduated - but didn't. Then on Valentine's, I has old boyfriend wanting to know if we could "go somewhere" (one of the reasons we broke up is he always left somewhere to me). A new guy at the college was interested (he was sweet, but I had only just met him and new people scared me silly), and then Tim said, "Chinese and a movie?" Sounded good to me.

    That was Valentine's 1987. We married in 1990 after I graduated. And have been together ever since.

  12. Just came over from Multiples and More. Love your story! I've also posted mine here:

    I look forward to following your blog from now on! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  13. What a fun story! Your kids are going to love that one when they are older. I've also been with my hubby for a long time, since our teens. It's the best, being married to your best friend. :)

  14. Lesley10:45 am

    Lovely story. We met in church. Lovely to see the photo of you in Cork, that's where i live.


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