Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I really am speechless

Taken on 7 October last year.

Babies were exactly 3 months old and I only had 900 measly grams to lose before reaching pre-preg weight.

I am 3.4 kilos heavier now.

This is pathetic!


  1. i know i didn't have pg weight to lose.... BUT i lost a load of weight when my twins were tiny, and have found the last six months MUCH worse for packing on the pounds! I think maybe it's because they are eating - it's hard not to snack when they are? Gosh, that sounds awful, doesn't it?

  2. But your toes are pretty!

    Hang in there...lots of cardio...don't hurt your knee! Haha...that's what is holding me up right now or else I'd be on my way to cycling class!!!

  3. LOL @ Rebecca...your toes are pretty! : )

    I feel you on this one! I only weigh at work occasionally, and I weighed this morning, knowing that my eating has been out of control lately. I weighed over 130 lbs. for the first time in many, many months. I still weigh less than when I got pregnant, but I don't want to start creeping back up there, so I've got to get it under control somehow.


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