Thursday, October 21, 2010

I was clearing out some stuff

and look what I found.

Can you see on the notes, "pay Vit.alab" and "phone VL - cetrotide"?

Two years ago, around this time, actually a month later, I was getting ready for my 2nd IVF.

Pay VL was to pay R14 000 for the "facility fee" and I obviously had a question about the cetrotide

How fitting to find these because exactly two years ago, on 21 October, I was sick as a dog, I thought obviously pregnant, but really, that was my chemical pregnancy.

When I first found out I was pregnant - 20 Oct 2008

The start of the end

The end


  1. What a special day! I love looking back at such sweet little memories! :)

  2. This week I have also been looking back. Today especially. On the drive to work the radio actually mentioned the restaurant I had lunch at on this Friday last year. Sometimes I love these memories. Especially now I have my happy ending and boy about to turn 1 - eeek!

  3. Noooo, that wasn't the happy memory. This was the sad first pregnancy that didn't work out! I actually read my archives for that whole month and it brought back a very sad time in my life - I was literally devastated.

    I found out about my successful pregnancy on 24 Dec 2008 :)


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