Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is my Pampers loyalty misplaced?

As you all know, I am quite firmly a Pampers gal.

My kids used Huggies Preemie nappies but the minute those were outgrown we have always been Pampers people.

I just don't believe in creating more work *laundry* for me (or V) by saving a few cents on the cheaper nappies that I found leaked.

Anyway, Kendra wears Pampers 3 during the day but at night we put her in Pampers 4+ (simply because that's what Connor wears).

Every single morning for I don't know how long she is wet when they wake. Wet as in vest and sometimes even babygrow.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to give her a quick bath in the basin to get the smell of pee off her.

I've tried all sorts of things - reducing her bedtime bottle to a measly 125 ml (shame, poor thing), giving her absolutely no water after 4:30, etc.

Connor is ALWAYS dry no matter how much water he drinks and he has 150 ml at bedtime.

I don't know why I'm so slow but I finally realised that there is either something wrong with Kendra (excessive peeing?) or the nappies.

Don't Pampers have some sort of claim that they're supposed to last 12 hours?

Is it because she's wearing a nappy that's too big? We put it on securely.

What do you think is the problem?

P.S. These pics were taken at 9 months, a few days before Connor started crawling properly on hands and knees. Isn't he just the perfect ad for nappies?

I can't believe they look so different here (more babyish) - this is what people mean when they say time goes too fast!


  1. Anonymous5:23 pm

    My boys had the same problem, so I looked in to extra protection diapers for night time. Pampers actually has them and we've had dry nights for weeks now. :)

  2. I am a Pampers fan through and through too. Tried Huggies Gold because so many Mom's raved about them but I found them awful. They leaked, they didn't have as much "give" around the wasteband and they felt hard in comparison to the Pampers. We did have a similar problem to you and it was because Ava was wearing a size to large. When we stuckw ith size 3's she didn't have leakage. Now she weighs 9.2kg's so we're back to size 4's and now they're totally fine.

  3. I loved Pampers Swaddlers and the preemie sizes, but after that I have pretty much used Luvs (don't know if you have those over there?). We have had great luck with them. is not at all unusual for both of my girls to wake up with soaked pajamas because the diaper could not contain all the overnight pee. It happens with Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. A & M "store up" their pee...they may be almost dry for several hours, then fill a diaper within minutes, and they usually pee A LOT overnight.

    When they start leaking through too often, I try going up a size for overnight, but it sounds like you're already doing that for Kendra. Right now, my girls are wearing sz. 3 during the day and 4 at night. K is a bit smaller than them, so maybe the 4 is too big?

  4. We like Luvs a lot and I have heard good things about Huggies Overnights.

    Also, at around 12 months when we switched to sippy cups and cow's milk, we stopped giving the twins a bedtime bottle - they just got more earlier in the day. You could try that if you think she wouldn't freak out and she'd still be getting the same calories, just less right before bed.

  5. I'm a Huggies Gold fan, although do but Pampers from time to time. I have never had any problems with either Huggies Gold or Pampers ever leaking. I do however always use the correct size.

  6. I am a pampers user too. But they do not work for overnight. Bb wears a size 3 but we have been using Huggies overnights in a size 4. I never have leaks by morning. We've also been using fisher price overnights. They are wonderful too. Not sure if you can get them there. I buy them at toys r us and babies r us.

  7. Good luck...leaks suck! I use Pampers all the time and I don't have leaks. I had leaks with Luvs and wanted to die!!! I hated them!

  8. I just have to play devil's advocate and put my two cents in...

    Our girls have NEVER leaked through out cloth diapers! :)

    Ok, seriously, I wish I had more to offer. At night we put a double in our cloth diapers for extra absorbancy just in case. Do they make anything like that for disposables?

  9. We have the same leakage problem with Seth and I thought it was maybe a "boy thing". Mine wear Huggies Gold. They used to wear Pampers, but I can't remember if they ever leaked? Maybe its a size thing, I really don't know? They both wear size 5 beceause I don't want to buy 2 different sizes. And Sophia's nappies never leak!


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