Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's pretend that I'm an adventurous sort of person

Today I thought I'd talk about something light, 'cos Lord knows I need it.

Our PA is off sick and the new 2nd in charge has been bossing me around like crazy to help her with things and I have issues - I hate taking orders from people.

Laugh all you want - D also had a good laugh when I told him this evening.

Add to that the fact that organising a colleague's baby shower has fallen on me (how do these things happen?!) and I can't even get the work I'm paid to do, done!

Freaks me out.

Nevertheless, I just did some awesome work and finally finished a major business project that's been in the making for the last two months and I feel free as a bird!

Okay, onto the topic.

I love, love, love The Amazing Race.

It is THE BEST reality tv (for me - maybe you like all that backstabbing on the other shows? I hate it) because there's nothing like racing against yourself, using your own intelligence, travel.... (*drool*)

Well, except for what I like to call The Great Equaliser that is the Airport.


I've always imagined what it would be like to participate in The Amazing Race.

Assuming that I could swim and possessed the stomach for leaping off the sides of buildings, and so on.

At one point D & I vaguely entertained the idea that we'd be a good team. We are a good life team, just not with competitive things. I am far too competitive and before long, I'd be barking orders at him and he'd be telling me to slow down.

We quickly realised that to have a good marriage, best not to put us in situations like that.

Same reason why I could never work with D, as in run a business together, etc. I like things done yesterday and he likes to get to them in his own sweet time.

For a long time, I said that my BFF Melody and I would be perfect teammates. Until she dumped me. That's a story for another day - Deanna, remind me :)

So I haven't had an imaginary Amazing Race teammate for years and years.

On Monday night, I asked D, "who would be your ideal AR teammate?"

I thought he'd mention our friend in Ireland as they get along great but are just different enough.

Do you know what he said?

"One of your infertility friends"

I said, "WHAT???!!!"

He says, "because they're such kind people" and I'm at a tender place in my life where I need kindness"


Of course I said, "well, then who?"

And he said.........

"Natalie!" (she of the preggy gorgeousness)

LOL - good thing I have high self-esteem.

Strangely enough, Natalie is who I would pick but not for reasons of kindness.

N is the exact opposite of me on Myers Briggs (INFP) to my ESTJ and I just thought we'd have all bases covered.

So Nat, if there is ever a chance to do Amazing Race (and assuming I ever become adventurous), you're IT!

Who is your ideal Amazing Race teammate?


  1. Lurker here, but you got me with TAR. It is also my favorite show on earth--EVER. I even met Phil years ago at an Amazing Race party and I've got the photo to prove it!
    Anyway, my wife would be my partner of choice. In fact, we auditioned for the race in the 3rd season, but we didn't make the cut.
    Too bad. Would've been fun trying.

  2. You'll never believe this, but my estranged DH. We were an EXCELLENT team in everything we did!

    By the way to answer your question, my name is pronounced Marsha (dutch parents). ARe you Mar-cee-a? I think I prefer that version to be honest, Marsha is a bit American!

  3. Love this post! I don't watch The Amazing Race, but it's one of the few reality shows I feel like I could tolerate. It's fun to think about who would be my teammate!

    My partner would be my BFF, Kelly. We are similar in a lot of ways, but we definitely have different strengths. We complement each other in difficult situations, and we have found we balance each other pretty well. We both have a lot of common sense, but in different ways, know what I mean?

  4. I also love that show.
    I think my best partner would be my sister. We get along great, travel well together and she stays calm when I get stressed. She is intelligent and practicle. Also being her quite a bit older sister she does not take offence when I boss her around, which I know I would do if on the race. (Can you tell I have thought about this before???) My DH and I would kill each other.

  5. Aaaah, don't tell him, but that just made my day! My heart melted. It reminded me of those dramatic scenes - the fat ugly girl expecting to be picked last for the hockey team but against all odds going first! I think I'm a bigger Survivor fan than TAR. Keith and I would kill each other if we had to be team mates... or maybe it's just a phase :-)


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