Thursday, October 07, 2010

My babies are 15 months old

I mentioned my challenges with getting the kids photographed.

Technically the pics were taken yesterday but D was around so I roped him in. And still it was a mission and a half (the photographer has her work cut out for her with these two!)

Here is proof:

no, I don't know what I was trying to say...

trying to switch the numbers around so it showed 15 instead of 51...

Connor's having none of that...

so we changed positions

nope, this is not working. And he's off!
And that's how it goes around our parts.

I took the day off yesterday and I now believe that Wednesdays should be public holidays at least once a month.

Tuesday night felt like "mini Friday" so I stayed up late, reading.

Best of all, V came to work as normal so the day was ALL fun because the adults outnumbered the babies :)

We went to Wonderful Dr S for our 15-month check-up where they showed off some of their tricks.

I like to think he was as amused as we were.

I also told him his talk at the Babysense seminar was fantastic - he seemed to like that :)

We then went to Sister Carla for their vaccinations.

The babies AMAZED me. They literally just flinched with the MMR shot and just one quick cry from Connor and about a 5-second cry from Kendra for the Prevenar injection.

That was the good part.

The bad part........ R960 for paed (no problem - my brilliant paed is very reasonable for Jhb standards) but R1706 for the vaccinations. GOSH!

So much for being totally on top of the money. This blows the budget right out. Our medical aid ran out in August so we're paying everything cash now.

Again, the good part. Next vaccinations at 18 months and then NOTHING til they're 6. I can't wait :)

We then took the babies home, had some down time and then went out for some shopping and a lunch date.

I'm on a mission to find a list of all eating places that have "proper high chairs" with trays as I HATE those things that hang off tables because they can still grab at my food. Pleased to say that Ocean Basket and Wimpy are on my Approved list.

D and I then drove around Fancy Suburb near ours admiring all the mansions :) and then came home to play with the babies and help V with the baths.

I actually forced myself to go to gym......and amazingly had a fantastic time. I think I'm getting fitter! My tummy seems to be less flabby although the bum and thighs are still the same.......

Anyway, it was a lovely day.

How was your day? And if you live in SA, please tell me which eating places have proper high chairs.

P.S. Will write proper post on the actual paed appointment as there is a LOT I want to discuss with you.


  1. Busy little bees!!! :) Where are you going for your photoshoot?

  2. Soooo very cute! They are getting so big! Love the photos too!

  3. Eve, we're doing it outside on my beautiful work property on 30th Oct.


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