Saturday, October 02, 2010

My photography obsession

You know how if you don't have nice legs/ b**bs/ hair, etc you kind-of check out other girls' legs/ b**bs/ hair all the time just to at least have a look at what's not going on over at your place?

Anyway, I think that's why I'm so obsessed with beautiful photos.

Because they're not going on over at my place.

I know them when I see them but I can't somehow make "it" happen when I take them, 95% of the time.

Occasionally, I'll get one I love and then it's like I just won the lottery.

Which is why I will be taking a photography class over the next year.

I doubt that I'll ever take fantastic shots but if I could be happier with most of my photos, the time and financial investment will be worth it.

I subscribe to a number of blogs, some specifically professional photographers, but others just take photos I love.

Like photos of food.

Oh my word - food and photos in the same place = heaven :)

By the way, I am usually the person at an event taking pics of the food and not the people, which I only realise once I download.

I think it's because I'm a blogger.


I have not 1, but 2 photo shoots booked with professional photographers in the next 3 months.

I originally thought the babies would walk sooner since they were both crawling properly two months before their 1st birthday so was waiting for "walking" pics.

How long do babies crawl, on average, before they walk?

Connor's been crawling for over 5 months and Kendra 7 - 8 months!

When the walking wasn't happening, I thought, "we really have to get the cuteness captured" because the babies are INCREDIBLY cute right now and I have given up on getting any decent pics myself. I can't even get both of them in the same frame these days - they're just too active.

They hear the camera being turned on, charge for it and use me as an obstacle course to get to the camera.

So I decided "that's what bonuses are for" (this is how I justify spending large chunks of money) and booked a lifestyle photo shoot for Sat 30th Oct with Jeanette Verster (I can't WAIT!) and a beach shoot for December when we're on holiday (vacation) in PE.

Since I first found out I was having twins, I have dreamed of having a beach photo shoot with cute babies so that is my indulgence. I love waves, water, sand and the edginess of rocks and a pier :)

Do you know how I found the PE photographer? I wrote to a blog friend and she recommended Ian Fairley. Another reason why I love blogging.

I am not a fan of studio photography generally (I don't like anything too "perfect"), but especially for this wriggly stage. I'm also not a fan of paying for equipment my kids have trashed. When I say "kids", I mean Connor :)

Four weeks to photo shoot 1 and I'm starting to panic just a little bit at the thought of photos of me because the weight is not quite moving.

But I'm sticking to my plan so let's see how that goes...

What kind of clothes should we wear? I'm not into matchy-matchy (in case you didn't know that yet) but I don't want it to look crazy busy either...

It's summer here and the shoot will be at my work, outside in the beautiful gardens and surrounded by gorgeous, old buildings that are now a heritage site and remind me of the place D and I met and fell in love. Aaawwww :)

P.S. Excuse the link fest, but I thought you may want to see what I'm after...


  1. Oh you are going to be so happy with Jeanette's! You do not have to match but think total picture - we did a white one, a beige and black (based on the dogs' colours - LOL!, pastels, brights and last year, check patterns.

  2. A very good friend of mine (and also a professional photographer) suggest wearing white. Recently a family friend of mine did she and her husband in white, but the kids in teal/khaki and it was beautiful. They shot in Hawaii though, so how could it not be beautiful?

  3. I know lots of people do white but we did light blue with khaki pants and it looked great. Penny wore a light blue dress, Ned and Husband matching guayabera shirts and I had on a light blue shirt and draw string khakis. Josie was in a light blue sling (I just happened to have one). You can see it on my Facebook photos if you are interested (it was one my dad took but can show you the colors). I'm glad we did that instead of white.

  4. I hear ya on not being able to get the kiddos in the same frame...that's one piece of advice I've started giving to new twin moms, to take lots of pictures of them together before they're mobile! :)

  5. White/khaki looks great for the beach pictures...maybe a little white sundress for K? That would be so cute! I have also seen black/khaki turn out great. It would look great also to put C in a solid shirt/pants, then K in something bright and bold, with a coordinating color. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. We just did our shoot and I didn't have any advice but the images are lovely. We wore Blues/Black/purple - David and I sort of matched but that was unplanned. We also matched the home decor... which was unplanned! I wrote about you re this, Go see my latest blog

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  8. You asked 2 questions ... babies typically crawl for 3 - 8 months before walking. Lots of things affect the speed with which they accomplish this - including gestational age, sense of balance, and amount of practice, and whether they are in shoes or not, size of foot, and size of rooms they explore. LaRue just started walking yesterday! Joel was my slowest walker, turned 1 in June, but didn't really walk until the late summer.

    I like being matchy for pictures, but I don't like to totally blend together. So often we will choose colors that blend well, or a single color that everyone tries to match - Forest Green, Navy Blue, and sometimes it's just an accent color in one child's clothes and another it's the main color. Mostly we work with what we own, because I don't have $100 for clothes just to match - the girls like to watch for sales to get matching styles too.

    And I simply love getting personality pictures of my kids - though haven't gotten many of Joel and LaRue :( ... But what I would do is bring along favorite toys, favorite outfits, and try to take a picture that captured "them". One year we did Kendra up in a dress up dress, pink fuzzy thing around her neck, sitting at a mirror playing. That was so Kendra! She LOVED mirrors and dress up. Another one we did, Vannan put on just overalls, brought all of her plastic turtles, and they had an old tree truck prop, we fixed her up with all the turtles sitting beside the stump - totally capturing her outside personality.

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!


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