Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I need fashion advice

Well, we've had day 1 of the dreaded strat and it hasn't been as bad as I thought.

I'm terrible - yesterday when I left the office, our PA said, "enjoy the strat" and I said, "um, I don't think I will but thanks anyway" LOL

I got myself in a good mood by listening to Billy Joel on the way over. Gosh, I LOVE THAT MAN.

And... I was pleasantly surprised.

The facilitator is someone we don't normally use which I think is good. It really helped with the egos in the room... we had some of the "everyone trying to be clever" but it really was not bad at all.

A colleague, however, just sent me a LONG email telling me everything the guy did badly. I don't think it was that bad. Yes, he did have some outdated info but that's the worse thing.

Anyway.......... I need to get to bed because tomorrow is day 2. I will take some pics of the beautiful venue!

On the bright side...
  1. The babies are getting better. Yes, they are on antibiotics - a whole load of them, and different stuff for K and for C. I, of course, have a chart of who gets how much of what, when.
  2. I've just come home from seeing a friend who turned 40 today! We couldn't go to her party on Sat because we don't have babysitters. Boo-hoo.
  3. Only 4 more days until our photo shoot.... and Crowded House. The photographer told me to wear accessories but I'm not an accessories gal. I will wear my handstamped jewellery and my pearl earrings and that will have to be that. I got D to take this pic to try get me in the mood. And because I'm real, I will tell you that I cropped out my belly because it looked too fat. Do you think she'll be willing to only take pics from the ribs upwards? :)

Now, important fashion/ styling questions.

We are having an outdoor shoot on grass, etc.

Shall I wear bright pink or bright purple? I'm going to put K in pink, C in blue, D wants blue (I want him to wear orange).......

Also, should we all go barefoot, or wear sandals?

I'm also having some nice ones done of me for the website and I will wear black on the top for that because I need all the slimming help I can get as I've only lost 0.5 kg over the last couple of months.


  1. You look amazing! Stop shortchanging yourself! I think you have motivated me to post my belly-GASP!

    I am torn...I think you should wear purple and D orange, so it's not "matchy". I am all for bare feet!! I really need to have photos taken, I am horrible about family shots.

    Hoping tomorrow is a breeze and the children are better in time for photos!

  2. Yes, you do look amazing!

    Personally Im a neutral colour lady. We had a family shoot in blue jeans and white shirts and it turned out amazingly, esp the black and white pics. The kids should be dressed up colourfully and you and DH wear more neutral colours. Just a suggestion.

    As for shoes, Im a shoe lady and would def wear shoes, maybe the kids dont have to.

  3. I think you're going to have to make up your own mind Marsh, I can see already you're going to get loads of conflicting opinions, so here's mine:
    You should wear pink and D should wear blue so that there is some flow and unfiformity to the photo's. We always do that for our shoots and our photographer actually encourages it, she says we should pick a theme and ensure it flows through. You don't have to wear the same shades of blue and pink but personally I feel there should be some flow.
    And I'm all about doing it barefoot! Seriously, there is nothing cuter than baby's feet and also it makes the images more relaxed.

    Enjoy it!!!

  4. I vote for the pink - I think with your colouring you will look great in pink - I also have an olive skin tone and pink works well. (Then you can do boys in blue and girls in pink ;-). If the venue is safe for no shoes, I would do no shoes. otherwise sandals.

  5. I love barefoot pictures...I've also been told that the best colors to wear for a photo shoot is white, but I don't believe it. I like colors...wear whatever makes you feel prettiest on that particular day!

  6. Hehe :)
    Wear sandals, and we'll do some barefoot too ;)
    I'm just hoping it doesn't rain :) but if it does, I've got 2 bright kids umbrellas that I'm bringing

  7. My 2 cents, I agree with Sharon. Boys in blue and girls in pink. And barefoot will look nice & relaxed. Paint your toe nails pink too!
    P.S. You look really good in that pic, your hair has got long, and looks lovely!

  8. Thank you, Caren. It was the nicest pic of me AND I actually like it :)


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