Sunday, October 31, 2010

The photo shoot

We had the photo shoot yesterday morning and it was WONDERFUL.

I was reminded again why I like this type of relaxed and easy session:

You do your thing (kissing and playing with babies) and the photographer does their thing.

No worrying (or at least too much) about if the kids are smiling, if everyone is looking in the same direction, etc.

And of course, I don't know how or why people do studio-style photoshoots with kids at this very wriggly stage. As far as I'm concerned, once they're crawling, it's a lost cause :)

The weather was perfect (seriously) and the views were breathtaking. I said to D in the car home afterwards, I almost don't even care what the photos look like because I so enjoyed just being outside, gazing upon the beauty of our surroundings (I can't rave about it enough) - views of Jhb, jacarandas, rocks, trees, etc.

I do LOVE the sneak peek and we can't wait to see it all.

Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY will be getting photos for Christmas :)

Do you want to see?

I'm putting the link in the comments just in case it would create a permalink back to the blog. I don't want most people who know me in real life to find this blog. If you know about stuff like that, tell me please.

P.S. In other news, Connor took his first steps today. Who knows what that means as Kendra took hers about 3 months ago :)

P.P.S. Am I the only one who doesn't do Halloween? South Africans aren't big into it but I've noticed over the last couple of years as we become more American, we've been picking up more and more of the traditions. I still don't.


  1. You've got some great shots there! Incredible how fast the kids are getting bigger. Glad you're preserving the memories - kids change so fast at this age!

  2. The photos are gorgeous.

  3. Just lovely!!! Lovely!!! Lovely!!!

  4. Really glad you like the photos :) I had a blast!!
    I would have removed the permalink from my comment list ;) for you.

  5. Those photos are fantastic! I really love the plays with focus. And the picture of you and D gazing doubt reflecting on your many amazing. :) AND I'm glad you had a good time with it. Photo shoots can be so stressful, but I'm glad this was a great experience for you all around. Oh, and you did a great job choosing the colors. :)

  6. These are beautiful!

  7. Your photos are beautiful! Love the colours you guys chose to wear!

  8. I saw your pictures and I think they are simply stunning. So glad you wore the pink - you look fantastic.

  9. I loooooooove the ones with the trees..that is awesome!

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