Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy days

I've been feeling blah.

Like a balloon a few days after the party, all deflated and without energy.

I know intellectually that a large part of it is the end-of-year tiredness.

But also there's the job thing, the business thing and other personal stuff.

Too much busyness and not enough connection time.

I'm having my website redesigned and I am just a little bit scared. Okay, I lied. A lot scared.

The lady has sent me 3 banners so far, all of which are SO not me. I'm communicating as best I can without being rude and outright saying, "I hate it!"

I've never had this before. Usually one I don't like and then after I give feedback, we're back on track.

Last night after I gave feedback on design number 3, I quickly shut down my computer so that I don't have to see anything come back.

And then I prayed because seriously, God needs to intervene here.

Any designers reading? Do you have tips for me to communicate better with her? I've spoken about fonts, styles, colours, look and feel I'm going for. I honestly don't know what else to say. I gave examples of sites I loved, what I do like about my current site, what I don't. What else?

This morning I woke up to a clap of thunder.

It is POURING here today and as long-time readers know, I love the rain. I love grey skies. I love cold weather.

This is God giving me something to rejoice in today.

To meet Him halfway, I decided to take a different way to work, a slightly longer, much more scenic route.

I put on some worship music (my favourite is anything unplugged, live recordings with male voices), loud, and enjoyed the beauty.

I really should have pulled over to take some pics because it was just gorgeous.

I was in the depths of infertility when I first heard Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah say something about appreciating small things in life, like when you go to the mailbox, really feel the sun on your body and soak it in.

I love hearing writers speak as they have a way of articulating everyday things and feelings so beautifully.

I determined then to start enjoying really small things since the big things like babies were out of my reach.

And this morning, driving in no traffic while there was a slight drizzle, listening to The Plain Truth worship God, looking at the trees, the views, the grey skies. Mmmm, it just filled me up.


  1. I love the colder weather too, so needless to say the beginning of summer is not something I am looking forward to at all.

    Hope you are able to find some connection time, and that you get the banner you want real soon.

    I was just looking at the calendar, and realised that I have committments (mainly work) practically every week, and then it will be December! It's crazy...

  2. Thanks! I had a rough day yesterday and I needed something to pick me up and try to change my attitude for today.

  3. I love that..."connection time." We could all use a little more of that. Hope your rain goes away and you're just left with the cloudy skies that you're so fond of.

  4. Hi Marcia, I'm a web/graphic designer and lecturer at my local tertiary institute on design. You're welcome to email me at if you would like help with the designer-issues. I know how hard it can be to work with a designer when you sense they just don't "get it"! :)


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