Sunday, October 10, 2010

The babies have super powers

I honestly think the babies have super powers.

Yesterday at the Toddler Sense seminar they spoke about feeding & sleeping problems, behaviour issues, etc. The babies clearly knew about the topics under discussion because they decided to test me this weekend.

As an aside, I went to visit a friend straight afterwards (the one we had the baby shower for) and her beautiful little boy.

How do some people manage to look utterly gorgeous two weeks after having a new baby?! The house was spotless, baby was sleeping through all our talking and all you could hear were the birds chirping ("tweet tweet" as Kendra would say) :)

When I got home, I was not feeling well at all as I had an upset tummy. I think it was something I ate.

Anyway, so I lay on the couch while the babies whizzed around the lounge, crawling, standing, cruising, coming to poke me and then off again. They like one of us to just BE there even if we're not actively doing anything with them.

I'd changed into shorts since it was 31.5 degrees (89 degrees Fahrenheit - I know, I felt like I was dying of the heat) and suddenly Kendra leans in and gives me a big bite on the thigh. I yelped and honestly, my first instinct was to bite her back.

"Oh gosh, what did the lady say about biting again????!!!"

So I grabbed her, lifted her so our faces were level and I said, "no, Kendra, no biting. We don't bite". I put her down gently and walked away to calm down.

After a few minutes, I was back on the couch.

As an aside, I can't remember the last time I just LAY on the couch, without doing a thing, no reading, no nothing.

So Kendra loves kissing.

I take all the blame because I taught the babies to kiss. Kissing is a very important part of our household :)

She usually kisses me, then kisses D, and if Connor's around, she leans in for a kiss with him too. Incidentally, he is only compliant with her kissing him, nobody else.

This time she leaned in for a kiss with Connor, he moved away because he didn't want to kiss (very unusual) and then she got cross so she leaned in and bit him on his lovely fleshy forearm.

Connor cried out and looked at me like, "are you going to LET her get away with that?!"

Oh no, I'm not.

So I tried the Toddler Sense thing again - this time I said NO to her and turned to Connor, making sure he's alright and gave him some extra kisses :)

That was yesterday.

Today both babies decided that eating is for the birds, Kendra more so than Connor.

She'd have a spoon or two and then shake her head vigorously when we approached with spoon 3. Connor ate about half what he normally does.

I was VERY Zen about it as I remembered the lady said toddlers can eat a bite of a sandwich, one grape, a bite of cheese and consider that a meal. Also it is VERY hot and while I'm not one of those people who loses their appetite when it's hot (as you can clearly see), I know some do. Who knows? Maybe my kids are like that?

I was like, "clearly you two aren't hungry" and started packing up the food.

D was so worried about them not eating enough that he peeled a carrot, sliced it into rounds and cooked it for Kendra. Kendra's favourite food is carrots. She probably has one every night with her supper. I also think it's weird but it's been happening for about 2 months now.

She ate about half the carrot and that was that.

So we wait and see. What will they try tomorrow?

This should be an interesting week. My study will be painted "whispering green" tomorrow - can't wait! I am basically up to date at work again so can finalise holiday plans! I also have some other work news.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I'm very much TRYING to take a Zen approach with food, too. There were months when our girls ate EVERYTHING I gave them. Over the past month or so they seem to be more tempermental. I try hard to just roll with the punches. I serve them their food, and if they don't eat it, I just clean it up calmly and move onto the next subject. (Deep down I alternate between worry and aggravation, but I **really** try to not let them know that!!!)

    I know it's against human nature to starve oneself...I know the girls aren't going to go hungry for very long. But in my mind it wouldn't take many "givings in" to start to form some bad habits for the girls...and I refuse to be a short-order cook and/or a pizza-and-chicken nuggets mama. :) Nothing wrong with a little pizza now and again, but I will not let my kiddos dictate to me it's the only thing they'll eat!

    And I've seen it happen several times, especially with Baby A. She might eat only a few bites of breakfast, and of lunch, and by supper she's scarfing down every last scrap of chicken, and veggies, and fruit.

  2. Ryan is a biter. He's gotten better, at least he hasn't been doing it as much lately- but now he's into pulling hair. Poor Dylan would have bites all over him, because Ryan's sneaky like that. Aaron and I often had bite marks too...


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