Friday, October 15, 2010

Travelling with twin toddlers

We are going to my city of birth in December.

I wanted a beach holiday with the babies and I have now booked flights.

Nothing else but flights and photographer.

Reminds me of how I "prepared" for the babies' room.

I clearly have my priorities straight.

The thing is, I am overwhelmed with the logistics of it all.

Let's take a very short part of the trip - the ride to the airport.

In the pre-babies stage, D and I would get his mother to drop us off (for long trips) and for the 3 or 4-day ones, we'd drive our car to the airport and leave it there.

Now, there are babies, us, a pram, at least 3 suitcases, and hand luggage which will include the nappy bag.

We both have small cars and if the pram's in the car, there's no space for much else. Certainly not 3 suitcases.

Normally people would say, "get a bigger car" but they don't know me. I don't believe in buying big for occasional events. I have debt issues.

So looks like we will drive our car to the airport and someone (?) will have to bring our suitcases too.

My sister will have to meet us at the airport with the car seats for the rental car (which we have not rented yet), the camp cots (pack and plays) will be delivered (which we have also not rented yet) and then the fun starts.

What are your favourite tips for travelling with babies/ toddlers? How do you keep wriggly kids on your lap for 2 hours? What's the one thing I have to remember? (everyone usually has a "if you remember nothing else, remember this...)

P.S. Notice how I just skimmed over the fact that we're FLYING with babies. I am slightly terrified. At least we do baby sign language - hopefully they can tell me what they want instead of the screaming!


  1. I'm seriously going to wrap everything I bring for them...unwrapping is half of the fun, right?

    Other than that, just read what people said on my post for ideas...other people are wonderful and I'm sure I'm just getting myself all worked up over nothing...I'm also not holding my kids on my lap...good luck!!!

  2. Have you considered a car service? We did that for our trip last year when our twins were 13 months. It was a 2 week trip so we had A LOT of stuff. The car service has minivans and big SUVs available instead of the traditional taxi sedan so we easily fit all our stuff and the babies in their car seats.

    We didn't have them on our laps but instead in their own seat in their car seats. To keep them busy and happy on the 2 hours, I would bring lots of snacks and books. lately, my kids have really bee into Magnadoodles but they are older (now 23 months) so not sure how well that would go over with your kiddos.

    To keep everything organized, we each had a bag for the baby we were sitting with, stocked with its own snacks, books, toys, diapers, spare clothes, etc. I know it sounds like a lot but 2 hours isn't so bad. Our trip was 2 4-hour flights and, although they weren't on our laps, they did well sitting through both flights with minimal fuss. If I did it, I'm sure you can do it as you are a much better planner than I am!

  3. We have only done a few car trips with the girlies for 2 nights away, so I don't have much advice, but the one thing I can share is my horrifically-long list approach. :) I have a spreadsheet I created for our first trip, when the girls were 3 months old. I've updated it for each subsequent trip. A week or so in advance of the trip, I make a list of every.single.thing I use in a day's time to feed / diaper / bathe / put the babies to nap/bed. I multiply by the days I'll be gone, and that tells me I need 6 burpcloths, 27 washcloths, a percentage of extras. It always ends up being a really long list, but at least I have a check-off, and - knock on wood! - I've never gotten stuck without anything. :)

    How exciting to take a beach trip!!! We're hoping for this coming summer, when the girls will be 2 1/2.

  4. BB just completed her 7th flight. It was easier when she was a little baby...sorry. =) Just be prepared for lots and lots of wiggling. Oh, and they like to kick the seats in front of them..which I know you won't allow. I would say bring snacks and drinks. But keep in mind that everything you bring will end up in the floor if you aren't careful. I keep a small bag (aside from the diaper bag) with just the necessary stuff I will need on the plane. Diapers, wipes, drinks, snacks...bare minimum. It's a pain to dig through a huge bag with a baby in arms. I would highly recommend a carrier (I LOVE my Beco) to use in the airport. A stroller just adds to what you have to keep up with. Do you have a a place to do laundry? If so, pack very light on clothes! I tend to pack too much! Good luck! It won't be as bad as you think...I promise!

  5. If you plan to travel a lot with the kids, I would highly recommend the Go Go Kidz Travelmate. I wrote a post for HDYDI 2.5 years (!!!!) ago:

    The other thing you need to know is if you have two lap babies, you may not be able to sit in the same row together because there won't be enough oxygen masks.

    If you also check this post, there are two MORE posts about flying with twin toddlers, one by Sadia and one by Snickollet:

    Two hours is fairly short, so you should be fine. The Go Go Kidz are worth their weight in gold! And then you can bring car seats with you!

  6. Oh goodness, you are brave, aren't you? We haven't traveled seriously long distances because it just gives me nightmares to think about it. We did drive 6 hours down to Disneyland last May though and it wasn't too bad but we made lots of stops!

    I would just say bring lots of snacks and toys!!!!

  7. I've been there! Mine are actually super-easy travelers, and airline staff will usually bend over backwards to help you out.

    I've written some about my thoughts before. I first flew with my girls at age 6 months - just me and the babies. I nursed one and bottle-fed the other at takeoff and landing, which seemed to help with ear discomfort. For older children, lollipops or a bottle of water can serve the same purpose.

  8. Ha! I didn't realize that Laura had already referenced my post. I do SO love my Travelmates. Love love love love love.

  9. Oh how exciting. We have yet to fly, but we do take drives-5 hours being the longest stretch in the car. I love that we have traveled with the girls. They are accustomed to sleeping elsewhere and without cots. We also have the luxury of having a SUV and folding car seats and are approved by the FAA! If nothing else, keep them entertained. I always keep small toys, gadgets, crayons, ect, and treats/snacks in my bag. Our girls love the tiny board books so there are about 10 in the diaper bag! This has gotten me through massive outlet shopping trips and nice dinners! I also take their blankets and lovies to ensure a restful nights' sleep!

  10. New toys! Yes, I know this is not what you want to hear but two new things that make electronic noises should do the trick.

    Do dose them with some panado especially for the landing at the coast - very sore ears (I have flown a lot with the princess and to your destination.

    I will email!


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