Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Update on my 36 things list

Well, September was crazy but that's no excuse.

LauraC commented on my first post and said I should categorise the list and then tackle a few every month.

Brilliant idea but I haven't done it yet :)

I will do, sooooooooon.

Things going well
  1. reading 5 books a month. I must confess, I'm cheating slightly because I find that to get number 5 in, I have to pick something half-read just to make my quota :)
  2. developing my photo system - it's still a huge schlep and I've realised the only thing that will change this is either to take fewer photos or delete more so the process can go faster. this is taking a full evening every 2 weeks and in my view, that's too much.
  3. beach holiday is booked
  4. as are the photoshoots
  5. 29 gifts - this is going fantastic
  6. getting hair done - pure necessity!
  7. decluttering clothes
  8. lunch with friends - I am being really intentional about this and it's paying off. I'm able to connect properly (in a gaggle of girls, it's near impossible :))
  9. I've done a roast chicken again and this time it was good. Next up... meat.
  10. I had two sessions with a life coach which were really illuminating. It's crazy - I coach people and coach them well and yet I still have some blinkers on about my own life.
Things that need a lot more work
  1. living a simpler life - there are so many pretty things out there and it's taking real self-control to (sometimes) restrain myself. E.g. I don't need any more bags, certainly no more red bags, but this beautiful red bag called out to me on Saturday and you know what? I don't actually regret buying it. It's not only about material things but the other stuff deserves a whole separate post.
  2. lowering expectations of myself and others - it seems I still think I'm Superwoman and can do everything I want to. I really have to limit my computer time to a maximum of 2 hours at night otherwise nothing else gets done, like the reading thing and spending time with D thing :)
Things going badly

  1. massage - I have skipped my massage for two months now but I have a discount voucher so will definitely go in October
  2. the weight thing. I am 0.5 kg heavier than I was when I started this weight loss thing 7 weeks ago.
  3. the gym thing. I really can only make it to gym two nights a week because I have a business to run too and D also needs to go to gym some nights.
  4. making money from business blogging. I worked it out and my BlogHer earnings are absolutely pathetic. I make something like R30 an hour spent on blogging. Crazy - if i didn't get so much traffic, I'd self-coach myself to stop that blog. So I booked a coaching session with a blog coach for my business blog to see how I can make more money from it.

Main lesson

Stop getting on computer so much!

Do you have monthly and weekly lists? How do you make sure you get them done? Do you also think you're Superwoman?

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  1. The 5 books would be too many for me too. Currently I am struggling to meet my 3 a month.


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