Monday, November 08, 2010

3 am friends

Despite all the journalling on the weekend, my tank is full today.

We had lunch with my "princess" friend who has mellowed a lot due to her very lovely and relaxed husband (I believe we get together with our spouses to complement us). She is as straightforward as ever and we laughed lots, shared about serious things, just spilling our hearts.

There's just something about knowing someone forever (I met her in the Feb of the year I met D - 1992 - so she and I go back about 3 months longer... 18 years!), we spent holidays together, we have seen each other with the morning "look", she stayed at my parents' house, and at our first flats/ apartments.

You just get down to the nitty gritty without needing a lot of icebreaker time. Right?

A very special time and as it turns out, our kids are 2 weeks apart. He is also not walking.

She "confessed" relief when I told her mine are also not walking as she feels such pressure from everyone else.

She wants to leave her son with us so I can train him to go sleep early like my kids because he's up late - joke, because of course I don't need any extra kids to train :)

That was Saturday.

Yesterday, we went over to have lunch with some 3am friends of ours. The food was outstanding (she always cooks my favourite things) and the company even better.

I have a term I call "3 am friends" for people you could phone at 3 am and they'd jump out of bed and come help you if you were in need. We don't have many of these - this is couple 1 of 3 and we love them all dearly.

We don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like to see each other but when we do get together, oh boy, we get talking and yesterday was no exception.

Only the kids prevented us from staying longer... :)

Do you have 3 am friends? Have you ever had to call on them?

My work colleague laughed this morning when I said in response to her "how was the weekend?" question that I had a fantastic time with two sets of friends, one of them 3am friends :)

P.S. I had such a good time I even forgot to take out my camera!


  1. Besides my sisters, I would say that I have 4 3am friends - two from my childhood and two from college. Unfortunately, they all live far away, the closest about a 2 hour drive and the farthest on another continent!

    Also, I have made some twin mom friends that, if it were a kid issue, they would allow me to call them at 3am. Prob wouldn't do it with a personal issue, though.

  2. I didn't realize you were worried about walking. If it is any consolation, they say crawling is great for core muscles and coordination you need to write, paint, do fine motor skills. Penny started walking around 17 months. I don't really think about it anymore - it being "late". I think they like walking attempts (not successes) by 18 months. Do they stand up yet? She must have stood and then creeped for about 4 moths. I thought she would never walk. :)

  3. I have two strong 3 am friend, one being my cousin-does that count? The "problem" with the other is that although I could call her and she would gladly listen and offer all she could, she is limited in her abilities to travel. If it were an actual physical need, I still have to call mom-kinda sad. :(

  4. I don't have many 3 a.m. friends either. I wonder if it's to do with having so much family close by? Most of my friends are the same way...we have moms, dads, aunts, sisters close enough that we would probably call them first.

    In a true emergency, though, when family might not be available, I could definitely count on my best friend and a close college friend. A couple of friends from church (one in particular) would also be there at any time we might need something, and we would do the same for them. Is that a bit different though? Is it more of an obligation for church friends? Interesting to think about! : )

  5. I count having three 3am friends. One was there for the birth of the girls...thankfully not at 3am!...but she would have been if I'd needed her! My hubby has one, too. We don't have much family, but thank goodness for a few really good friends. :)

    So glad you had a great time with friends this weekend! I always say it's good for the soul.

  6. Other than quite a bit of family - I do have 1 3am friend. Karen, the lady that was driving when we were slammed in the accident last year. We've been through thick and thin these last 2 years. But we only go back 10 years, to the Saturday, shortly after the Twin Towers ordeal, and my 4 year old Vannan wanted to play with their VERY shy 3 year old Katie hiding under a table at the public library.

    Other than that, I've got so much close family here.


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