Tuesday, November 16, 2010

650 & 18

I have been blogging such a lot that I bypassed 600 posts without even noticing and this is actually my 650th post.


I clearly have PLENTY to say.


Anyway, there are only 18 days left before I go on leave.

I'm trying not to think about that too much in case I get some travelling with twins anxiety.

We've booked our rental car (thanks, Eve), hotel accommodation, camp cots and plane tickets.

Here's the scary thing.

We haven't even left and already we've paid R10 648 just on those 4 items and people, it could have been R17 251 without all my Vitality discounts, Eve's tip about the cheaper car hire, and me asking for a twin discount at the camp cot rental place.

Are you shocked? I am!

I'm trying not to think about it. Lalalalala (that's what bonuses are for, right?!)

I'm going to have to get used to driving and renting self-catering accommodation because there's no way we can keep doing this.

In these 18 days I have to get all my work stuff done, all of us packed, send a list of things to my family to buy, take a day's leave so V can get her papers sorted out (I told D I am not doing both days just because I'm the mother), take some more time off to renew my passport (I am serious about travelling internationally with D before I turn 37), write business blogs for when I'm on leave. I will post "live" on this blog :)

Doesn't it make you tired just reading it?

Now imagine me!

So we'll go on leave for two weeks and then I love, love, LOVE being at work betwen Christmas and New Year. You only work half days because no-one's there to disturb you and you don't have to actually put in for the leave :)

Also, since everyone is on holiday, the city is so empty, there's parking galore, no traffic, it's like Jhb heaven.

But then... D and I want to take 3 days when V's back in January to do our own thing, almost like extended dates. I can't WAIT.

What are your plans for December?

This is Connor being naughty - he can now open the fridge and freezer and once opened, he tosses out anything that is not to his satisfaction, like all the carefully packaged and frozen meals for him and his sister. D is looking for the key so we can lock the fridge.

Then he decided he didn't like the wallpaper border and pulled it off the wall. So now they have boring, plain, brown walls again.

On the bright side, Kendra is being ultra cute. This is what I meant by one child being the control and one doing whatever he or she wants.

P.S. Yesterday I blogged how Kendra had been dry for 3 days and.........I jinxed it. Last night at 11-ish, she was soaked through again. *sigh*

P.P.S. I want to talk about Christmas gifts later this week...


  1. We are very quickly getting a full plate for December, although there will be no major trips for us. We are talking about going to a hotel about 2 hours from here to see the Christmas decorations and do some shopping, but we'll see how that goes...

    Other than that, work parties, family stuff, and lots and lots of good food and holiday movies! : )

  2. December is wide open at the moment. We'll have christmas festivities which I'm on the fence about. DH is a teacher so he will be off from Christmas-New Year's and if I don't have to watch my niece I think we will take a small trip. I'll have lots of baking to do and hopefully I can order all our gifts online and avoid the stores!

    I do have to say that compared to here, the cost of your trip thus far is REALLY cheap! REALLY! I spend around 4500 R for a weekend trip on hotel, gas for our own car, and food. That doesn't include whatever we do/buy/see while there! I also stay at cheaper hotels that are a little out of the way because I hate paying inflated rates based solely on location.

  3. Deanna, I don't even want to TALK about the socials. Although strangely enough, the family has not mentioned Christmas lunch. I think no-one wants to host :) D & I will not say anything either and we will do Christmas by ourselves here at home

    Mandy, really? That is crazy. Although not unrealistic here too. But I wouldn't spend that for just a weekend though :) On the bright side, that's exactly what I do to justify spending money - I convert to $ or euro/ pounds and say, "it's only x dollars". Seems cheaper and makes me feel better.

  4. Wow...yes, that paragraph made me tired! Good luck!

    BTW, wrapping little things for them to play with/use on the plane made it so much more fun. They loved the wrapping as much as they loved the treat/toy.

    December? My goal is to stay out of toy stores...for serious.

  5. December plans would include giving birth to triplets...

  6. We will be in Cape Town for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. Cannot wait! All my family is there so we go every year and it simply divine!


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