Thursday, November 04, 2010

And this is why I love coaching/ nablopomo

I just finished a session with my coaching client.

We were planning her book launch.

Since she's been coaching with me, she wrote and finished her book. It's busy being printed right now and the book launch is in early Dec.

I am so proud of her.

Best of all, she says, "I now know I have lots more books inside of me."

There's another thing that has me smiling from ear to ear.

Our friend, D, he of excellent hospitality, is a wonderful illustrator. I hooked them up a few months ago and he's done all the illustrations for her book too.

It gives me such a kick to hear about this book being printed with TWO of my favourite people getting to cross goals off their life lists by having this book in print.


Do you ever think about writing a book? What would your book be about?

P.S. This is the second client who I've coached to get their books written. The first was a novel; this one is non-fiction. Somehow the creative sorts are attracted to me?

I am so inspired by my clients that I've decided to write my first book next year. I'm thinking something about organising or time management. Aren't I specific? :) Anyway, look out... :)

P.P.S. I posted every day last month and so I decided to do Nablopomo this month. Who's in?


  1. My book....The Chronicals of A Young Chick With An Old Dude! LOL!! I always tell DH I'll write a book about us.

    I would love to participate in Nablopomo but I am STILL waiting for my new computer. STILL!! Sorry for my absence but I'm on my way back to the blogsphere!

  2. LOL :) I would love to read more of that in your blog posts :)

  3. Kendra just finished writing a book for NanoWriMo. She keeps telling me what that is, but I keep forgetting - it's a "write x words in a month" challenge.

    I always wanted to be a writer growing up. Right now, my goals are just to get to the other end of most days. I really need to get myself focused and in gear again. I'm cleaning my house right now, trying to organize, throw away, and make it all fit.

    When I spent 7 weeks in Ecuador, I loved it, when any of us (I lived with a missionary couple) had things we didn't need or want (I'm not talking trash), we would put it out on the wide fence outside our gate, it was always gone very fast. Sometimes it was clothing, or left over produce that was edible, but we were tired of, sometimes we baked extra bread or cookies, shoes, things like that.

    Here in America, everybody has such a "NEW" preference, that it is hard to find people to take your left overs, done withs. We do have Goodwill (half of what is donated to ours ends up in the landfill anyway), and Freecycle.

    Guess I'm plenty weird, because I don't mind stains and small holes - especially since my kids end up running outside and covering themselves with mud all summer! LOL I also feel very guilty messing up something to make it into something else.


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