Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you SURE you're not pregnant?

Since I'm never sick and they also know I'm not flaky, the question I got asked the most at work today was, "are you SURE you're not pregnant?"


I don't know about others but I am SO sure I'm not pregnant it's not even funny.

Although... the only things I can eat (it seems) are things I used to eat when I was pregnant with the babies - very bland food, fruit and vegetables (as God made them, not smothered in butter/ sugar), nothing oily or creamy.

We had a baby shower for another of our team today. It's actually ridiculous that in a team of 12 people with 4 men, 1 has just come back from maternity leave, 1 has just had a baby and another is about to have her baby.

3 out of 8 is good!

But if I hadn't had these two I would seriously have been dying inside every single day at work the last year.

Anyway, at the baby shower which was at 12:30, there were cream cakes (I never have eaten cream - I know I'm weird), muffins and assorted other things, none of which looked appetising to me except the plain salted Lays. I love plain salted anything but only usually crave it when my blood pressure is super low (90/50ish).

So I had some.

And about 30 minutes later I thought I was going to hurl right there in my bin.

Queasy stomach like a washing machine.

On the bright side, I worked like crazy to get my important things done just in case it got worse.

It hasn't and I had a very healthy supper tonight - Sharon, cottage pie using lentils instead of minced meat with lots of veggies, and no salt or butter in the mashed potato.

Not that I want this to continue but I checked the scale this morning and I'm down a kilo (2.2 pounds) since Saturday. Yay!

I am so tired of being less than 100% - you realise very quickly how much you normally get done and I'm used to my high amounts of energy.

V's been a star (as usual) and has had to take up the slack for me yesterday and today with me being too weak to dress the (wriggling) babies.

In other news, we have part 4 of the strat tomorrow at The West.cliff. Yes, we like to drag out our strat process.

I am going early to take pictures of the views. It is MAGNIFICENT up there - truly breathtaking.

It's that pink building on the hill. This pic was taken from my office on a sunny day.

and this one was taken in the gorgeous rain :)

At strat 3 last week, we did a values exercise. We had to do our personal values (go click that link - I can't believe only 1 person commented!), current team values and future team values. Very enlightening and lots of fun as we debated things like innovation vs thought-leadership.

I asked my boss what was on his list and he said he'd send them to me. He didn't so I reminded him today. We have 4 personal values in common - I think that's quite remarkable from a list of about 75 values.
Do you want to know what they are?

Fairness, Authenticity, Courage and Excellence

And that's me for tonight. Tomorrow I want to talk about spanking ;)

But how are you doing? What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. You should know that I am excited for Thanksgiving and no longer being able to fit in my only pair of well fitting pants!

    I am horrible at the values game. It is just not me. Too much thinking, life is not that complicated. I guess that means I value simplicity...

  2. I still struggle a little bit (very much internally), being around people who are pregnant. I would love to be able to have that experience again, but - barring a miracle on several levels - it won't happen again for us.

    When we had been trying for about 2 1/2 years, I hosted a baby shower for a coworker. I did fine with all that...but when I went to visit her in the hospital after her baby was born...that was tough. I was very happy for her, and I'm so glad I got to see her baby when he was just a couple of days old, but I just about crashed later that day, having held a newborn baby that wasn't my own.

    I don't mean to be such a downer with my comments! I hope you continue to feel better!!! :)

  3. Oh gee, my tummy is also queezy today and Hunter had the bug yesterday. Hope you are much better.

    After this week and it's crazyness, I am looking forward to winding down a bit before we close in Dec.

  4. Hope you're starting to feel better! There is nothing worse than having everyone ask if you're pregnant when you know you are not!
    Yay for the MFM!

  5. I'm excited to decorate for Christmas on Sunday. I know you giggle at how overboard we go, but the Crazies are totally into it and it gives me an excuse to spend stupid money (if only to be bitched at in January)!

  6. I could not agree more with what Sharon said. What hurts the most is not being perggie but being asked if you are preggie.


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