Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas cards

Guess what I started doing today?

Writing out Christmas cards!

Crazy - it's still November :)

I have purposed not to buy any more Christmas cards until the current stash is done.

I have so many I could probably do this year and next year before running out!

I like to write a personal message in each and every card so it takes sweet forever. I feel if you don't write something different for each person, then what is the point?

(please feel free to disagree with me)

To cut down the time though, I make sure I get in the mood by thinking good thoughts and then I batch write.

As a guideline, I've just done 6 in about 15 - 20 minutes.

Do you do Christmas cards? If yes, how do you do them?


  1. Yes, I normally send out cards but nothing like you do, just a "merry Christmas love us", love your idea but I would battle with what to say. Good on you!

  2. I am so with you on writing in Christmas cards!!! For the last 6 or 8 years before the girls were born, I made my own cards, too. We sent a photo card last year, but I wrote at least a note, if not a letter, with each one. I just don't understand people - especially ones I rarely see (due to distance...friends from school, for example) - who just stick a photo card in an envelope and call it a day. Granted I write much shorter notes to my friends whom I see all the time, but I at least write SOMETHING! AND I address all the envelopes by hand, too. I think it adds insult to injury to get a photo card with nothing written, in an envelope with a printed address label! :)

    I'm IMPRESSED that you've started your cards already! We still haven't had a family photo taken yet for the cards! :)

  3. Oh my, I haven't thought about a picture yet to make the cards with! Last year we did pre-made cards and I stuck photos in. I like to write messages in all of mine as well which is why I save sending cards to people that really matter. If I am going to all the trouble you had better mean something to my family and I! I hate getting impersonal cards, what is the point? I feel like the photo is an added bonus for our family that is far away, the like to keep up with the girls!

    Although I have to admit that last year no one told DH's aunt that we were even pregnant so she got a real shock when a family picture arrived in the mail!

  4. :) Well, you saw my Christmas card style tonight!!! I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful words...they mean a lot to me. I do nearly 100 Christmas cards a year, maybe more, so I just don't have time to write long messages...I keep that for birthday cards! :)

  5. Oh, do i feel your pain. I used to be in the same situation where every handwritten card took forever (especially because my handwriting's terrible unless i try really hard to be neat) and I could never get my cards out before January.

    And then (insert angels singing here), I found Send out Cards.

    Send Out Cards allows you to upload your handwriting and signature to their website which creates a handwriting font for you. And, it allows you to create a card (or many cards) with your standard message. You then personalize each card with the click of a mouse. And, you can use your own pictures. You fill it out like an ECard, but when you hit SEND, a real live, physical greeting card is sent in the mail. Oh, and you can send gifts with the card, too. And, each card is under a dollar each!!

    I sent 50 personalized, handwritten cards last year (with Starbucks cards inside) in under 3 minutes. And, I did it from a plane between New York and Los Angeles. How's that for multi-tasking?!?

    And the best part. You can make money (significant money) by referring your friends, family, coworkers to the company and helping them get started.

    So, if I can help you get started, please let me know. You'll come to LOVE making Christmas cards and sending them to everyone in your world. And, maybe you'll even make some money on the side, too.

    Best wishes for a healthy, happy holiday!


  6. We do them, but how to you get to thinking "good thoughts?" If I drink while I do them, my handwriting will be all messed up! Haha...just kidding.

    I don't write messages, but I'm sure i should. The company that I'm using this year even offers to address and send them directly from their offices...don't know if I'll take them up on that yet!

  7. I am a fan of personal messages with a card, but I have skipped them in the last few years because everyone else seems to skip it as well. : ( Last year was our first photo card, which I plan to do again this year as well. I think you have inspired me to include a personal note on some of them though!

    By the your pictures on the last post...I enjoy seeing pictures from your half of the world! : )

  8. I make photo cards every year and send those out. For most people I at least write one sentence.

  9. I've taken the lazy way out - everyone gets the same thing. I do a photo card paired with a year-end letter. It's essentially a run-down of everything that's happened in our family in the past year. I'm still trying to decide how to incorporate the girls' recent interest in writing into our letter. Perhaps I'll scan in their signatures.

  10. Still working on the cards. Sigh. But most will be handed out to the people in person, as I cannot afford stamps much anymore.


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