Sunday, November 14, 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

That's literally hot, not sexy hot.

Yesterday was 32 degrees Celsius in Johannesburg and today was not much better.

The only reason I didn''t have a headache is I'd had about a litre of water by 12 and carried on drinking water throughout the afternoon.

We went to a first birthday party yesterday afternoon but before that, we decided to split up (one baby each) and run a quick errand. I took Kendra and D took Connor.

When we left at 11:45 it was 29 degrees. When we returned at 12:50 it was 32 degrees. 35 in Pretoria (I don't know how they cope!)

We both LOVED our one-on-one time - D says Connor was smiling and flirting with all the ladies in the 3 shops he visited.

Kendra didn't flirt but she pointed out every shoe and light she could find.

The party was out in the general direction of my MIL's house and D had the bright idea to visit her beforehand. I also thought it was a good idea in theory but I am more of a time realist.

I'd planned to leave home at 1:45 for the 2:30 party.

We left at 1:39 with D still thinking we'd pop around to the MIL first.

I thought he was crazy but I said, "let's see when we're closer" - we got to the offramp at 2:15 which would mean we'd get to her house at 2:20 and then have to leave 3 mins later to get to the party on time.

Fortunately he also saw it my way.

As it turns out we were 10 minutes early, something that has never happened with the babies.

LOVE this milestone :)

It was such a lovely party - Caren did all the details so beautifully - everything in red and white, even down to offering red juice, water and Sprite to keep with the theme :) I think the size of the party was just right (C, how many big people and kids were there?)

The birthday twins were a bit grumpy, we think due to feeling overwhelmed. I am not surprised - I would be too if I was a baby. I also think the heat played a huge part.

My two were crazy busy, mainly Connor who had decided not to have an afternoon nap on the way over, and tried to steal the other kids' dummies, etc. Oy!

It was lovely spending time with them (congrats C & A on surviving year one!) and with other friends and best of all, I met the fabulous babysitting friend who is all sorts of thoughtful, helpful and organised!

Shockingly, I took only 2 pics intentionally the entire afternoon (actually, not-so-shocking as we were chasing after our kids) and then when we sang for the birthday babies, I snapped away with one hand while holding onto Connor.

Look at the glint in A (dad)'s eye - the little boy has EXACTLY the same glint (not in my pic) - I love it!

This time we can see Caren''s lovely face & little S :)

and this one is my favourite pic of the day - I posted it on my project 365 blog called "mother love" :) I love the way Roz is looking at E.

Today my kids finished my entire glass of water at Ocean Basket, all through a straw. I think straws are magic :) They started drinking from a straw yesterday, first my Yogisip and then an UNDILUTED box of juice at the party (their first). Yes, I am very strict.

Connor once again decided that "sleep is for babies" and didn't want to have an afternoon nap. Of course they then get like drunk people, banging into things, etc. and he (1) fell off the bed with me right there but a split second too late (mother of the year) and (2) bounced his head on the wall while jumping on my bed.

So he was fed, bathed and in bed by 5:30 as we couldn't take it any more :)

And now I'm off to bed. I'm determined to get back to my "off the computer by 10 pm" self-imposed rule so that I get my reading time in.

What were you up to this weekend? How are your kids doing?


  1. Wow, you had a busy weekend!!! The one-on-one time is so precious, isn't it? The kids seem so different when they're not with their twin!!

  2. Busy mama! I love splitting the girls up but since it happens so infrequently, they are usually busy looking for their sister.

    FYI-32 is not so hot! LOL This summer we were well into the 40's and we have humid heat that takes your breath away. Is your heat humid or dry? I have friends vacationing in SA right now and they've told me the weather is gorgeous! The pictures they are sending back are beautiful! It makes me wonder why you don't live at the beach watching the animals!! I just checked at it's currently 11 Celsius here, fairly clear. I love that fall is here!

  3. Aw, thanks for adding the pic of me and E!!! I love it too!!!

  4. Oh my gosh yes - it was so hot. All our kids were super grumpy.

  5. So much...okay, EARLY??? That is amazing!

    I love those pictures.

    I love when kids get so tired they act like drunk hit the nail on the head with that one.

    I love that you are setting aside more time for reading!

  6. 32 is crazy hot for me - above 28 I start melting :) 11 degrees is FREEZING for us LOL that's literally the heart of winter.

    My family at the coast (where it's very temperate - around 21 - 23 the entire year) can't STAND this cold weather. In Jhb the heat is DRY which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. At the coast where I'm from, it's humid. My hair is going to FRIZZ worse than ever when we're on holiday.

  7. Thanks for the lovely post M! There were 18 adults and 11 children at the party. Thanks for mentioning my friend, she will feel honoured. I will send her your post. She did so much preparation for the party, and made those beautiful cakes for S & S etc. S & S are very lucky to have such a kind and generous godmother!


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