Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here's where the talking is NOT good

Yesterday Connor was in the bath and I was playing with Kendra.

I needed to pee urgently so I dragged her into the bedroom, closed the door so V doesn't see my business :) and went.

She'd crawled to the bathroom while I was pulling up my pants and do you know what happened next?

She points to my abdomen (where I've said I always look 12 - 14 weeks pregnant) and says, "BALLOON"


My baby girl just told me I'm fat! I wanted to say, "it's because of having 5 ops to have you two!" but thought better of it.

Good thing she's cute!

One of my coaching goals for the week is to get up to date with my work so best I get to it :)


  1. LOL

    My son (soon to be four) came up to me- lifted up my shirt and said "Oh wow! Look at all your fat!"

  2. My 10-year-old daughter said to me after I had the boys while she was patting my stomach, "Look Mommy, you don't need a tummy tuck!" Thanks, sweetie, I'm so glad that had you concerned.

  3. I'm sorry, Marcia! But I've gotta say, that made me laugh (WITH you...not AT you, of course!). :)

    And the weather? It's AWESOME this week! It really should be pretty cold here now (highs around 10C), but we're having some late summer-type temps with beautiful sunshine, at least until Saturday. Our girls haven't gotten as much "den time" as usual, as I've been dragging them out and about to soak in the sun while it lasts!

  4. Ha! My comeback would've been, "that's a 25 thousand dollar balloon, thank you very much!"

  5. I am beginning to be more thankful that the girls don't have much in the way of speech yet! I fear I may be to sharp-tongued for toddlers as I am quick with adults. I think I will finally do that post on my tummy, once my computer get here.

    The weather wouldn't matter if my computer were here!! It is nice enough out, slight chill in the air since we've finally hit autumn. I love that the leaves are falling and changing colors. Makes me wish I could go out and play but this bathtub needs a good scrub (hence I'm online instead!).

  6. Oh no! I am worried now.... I am much bigger than you, so I will have to really start getting started with those exercises before my boy gets any words!

  7. oh, and the weather... Well it looked at though it could possibly clear, but I think it will probably rain some. Was just told by a Joburg work col that we don't have proper summer, that it has been too cold here this week!

  8. Sweets, on the bright side, Connor is not as verbal and I think that's standard for most boys :)

  9. Oh God...that's not good! Yes, they're made cute for a reason...that is the truth!


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