Thursday, November 25, 2010

How could I resist jumping on the thanksgiving bandwagon?!.

We don't have Thanksgiving in South Africa but we're very thankful for freedom (April 27) and our heritage (Sept 24) and all the lovely public holidays we get. And affordable labour!

Speaking of which, today our lovely V pictured above had to go sort out her work permits and so D and I each took a half day to look after the babies. We were going to let her do it when she takes leave in December but it takes a month (my English friend told me the same story with her permit) and they may be detained if from 1 Jan they are not in possession of a valid work permit.

Needless to say, we cannot do without our V so we made a plan.

It worked out quite well because Connor's had diarrhoea and had TWO baths in the dead of night as he woke up screaming because the poo was everywhere.

I'll leave you to imagine the detail...

They both had a lovely long morning nap (2 hrs 15 and 2 hrs 30) and then we went to the pharmacy to get something for him as I'm not anxious to repeat the midnight baths.

When Connor woke, he told me "go go go" and I said, "where do you want to go, Baby?"

He said, "Daddy!" - TOO SWEET! (D melted when I emailed him)

This afternoon, the lovely Jeanette delivered the DVDs of our photoshoot. It was so beautifully presented that I'm in heaven!

The pics are MORE than I expected, in terms of awesomeness and quantity. And I love, love, LOVE that the 5th person in the shoot was the location :) I'm the type of person who naturally gushes about things I love and so anybody and their dog has been told to book a photoshoot with her :)

Are you still reading?

Last but not least, I want to thank you, my readers. I'm not much for talking without anybody listening (as you'll see if you ever meet me in person) so I love that I get to engage and connect with you, especially when you leave me comments. They really, really make my day and I'm very thankful that you choose to take a few seconds to encourage me.

Thank you!

Okay, you get to vote.

Which do you want to read next? Update on baby sign language, Christmas and Christmas presents, or How infertility messed me up emotionally


  1. Your photos are beautiful! Im still waiting for mine.

    I kinda think the infertility stuff might be interesting to read. you dont often get heavy on your blog...

  2. Great to sometimes take a break from the ordinary

  3. Earlier this week, I realized I totally forgot that Thanksgiving is an American holiday! : )

    Thankful for you and your comments too!


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