Friday, November 19, 2010

I love this group

Last night we had our Infertility Support Group Christmas party and this is how it was fabulous:
  1. connecting with old friends (our table had only people with babies so we could speak freely about babies) and "my friend with the twins", C, travelled with me
  2. seeing all the new girls (I've often felt that the reason the group works is that there's a constant influx of new girls)
  3. finding out a new girl came all the way from DURBAN (700 km away) just for the group
  4. food (of course!)
  5. seeing how C (host) and her hubby are SUCH a good match - I LOVE IT!
  6. frank conversations like this one...

I'd barely arrived when my one old friend (who is, I think, the only one who does not yet have a baby from the "old gang") asks me, "how do you and D have time for s*x with the babies?"

I love this group!

Then followed a whole conversation about tiredness, how men and women are different and a realisation that we really do not do "it" enough and how something so quick can mean so much to a man :)

I'd forgotten how open and honest these girls can be.

Since I've never been a girly girl with lots of close girlfriends, please tell me - is it just us that are so used to speaking about infertility and everything else (s*x), or do girls do this?

P.S. I need to write about this some more but let's keep this one upbeat and I'll do another post!

P.P.S. Go read this post and then comment number 1 and 3. That was me two years ago.


  1. I love nights like that! With two of my closest friends... we talk about all the infertility, child-conceiving stuff (both of them had some assistance in conceiving their babies, and we talked about all of it in detail), the indignities of giving birth, and all that personal stuff. We don't talk a lot about our s*x lives specifically, but occasionally it comes up.

    Now with my best friend, nothing is off-limits!!

  2. I have those close relationships with all of my close girlfriends, regardless of their IF histories. Believe it or not, my breeder friends battle with the same s*x issues after babies as us IF's do. Life would be very dull with out my girl friends and traditions like Thirsty Thursday's wouldn't exist!

  3. There is no topic that is off limits with me and my girlfriends. We have Champagne Nights at least once a month and talk about anything and everything.

    I just found your blog yesterday and I want to thank you because you have given me hope. My husband and I just found out this week that IVF is our only option and it still hasn't fully registered with me. I hope I find the strength to handle this as beautifully as you did.

  4. I have a handful of really close friends, but they're all from separate walks of my life, so we're not ever together in one big group. I can talk about anything and everything with any of them (follow that?) but I can't say I've ever discussed a lot of personal details in a group setting. If everyone is comfortable, it must make for a fun time, though! :)

  5. That is a girl thing! My cousin and I chat all the time and she certainly had no problems conceiving and until I was on bed rest we certainly weren't close friends.

  6. Sorry I've been gone for so long! I'm back now.

    Talking about sex and parenting (and how motherhood completely kills the female libido but has no impact on the male ...) is totally normal girl conversation! No infertility here, and it's not even my European comfort with talking about sex, since the majority of my girlfriends are puritan Americans. ;)


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