Sunday, November 21, 2010

It just got a lot more interesting around here

Today Kendra learned to climb onto the couch. A milestone I'm not too keen on.

What that means is that she then feels the need to toss anything (like cushions) that are not pleasing to her.

My lounge looked like a train wreck but more important, there are going to be little girls falling off couches and beds, bleeding and screaming.

We skipped the idea of church as I started feeling really bad and didn't want to be responsible for Kendra in my state.

How do other people do this?

So D gave them their snack and took them out for about 2 hours so I could sleep. He loved his time with the babies and I was suitably jealous :)

Oh, I am a tiny bit better as in I've taken two Imodium and have no more runs BUT my tummy feels SO queasy if I even just walk to the loo. Tonight D had to bring me the bottles, Vidaylin, milk and a tray so I could prepare their bottles from the comfort of my bed.

Today I ate an orange, an apple, a yogi-sip, 3 forkfuls of pasta and about 5 spoons of All bran flakes. Oh, and about 2 L of water.

D is being a star - he is FANTASTIC when I'm sick. Really he is. I'm a bad patient though because I hate being under par and I just lay down feeling sorry for myself :)

If I still feel the same tomorrow, he says I need to go see the doctor. I hate going to doctors but I'll do anything to feel better. I will even get a jab in the bum!

Hope your Sunday was more interesting than mine!


  1. Oh my! I hope you feel better soon!

    I had my first bought of sickness while trying to mommy a few weeks ago. It's so bad when you've got to put a baby down so you can go loose your dinner (for lack of a better way to put it). Then I took the next day off, and since the sitter is near my work (25 minute drive), not my home, I stayed home with the girls and only got a smidge of rest. I still enjoyed my day with the girls though.

    P.S. The weather in Virginia today was around 60 and bright and sunny. My husband spent six hours outside raking/blowing/bagging leaves and I was on baby duty. Luckily the girls were mostly angels! Except Lauren, who has decided that she will yell in a demanding way every time she wants to be held. :)

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling a tiny bit better...hope you're back up and at 'em soon!

    When our girls started climbing on the couches, we began by telling them "no". They just didn't seem to "get it", we turned the couches around towards the wall. Our den looked like an insane asylum with padded walls! Eventually we turned the couches back around (like normal folks), and the rule is that they have to "sit on their bottoms" when they're on the couch. They mostly comply. We have had a few falls, but - thank goodness - nothing serious. I just try to keep any sharper toys from in front of the couch. It was definitely a new level of stress for a while, though! :)

  3. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds similar to the stomach bug we had about a month ago. Hang in there

  4. Coke with rehydrate in. Give it a try.

    As to the climbing, yes, the bane of my life. My boys are climbers - it is absolutely nerve wrecking because L has no fear.

  5. I put off this "milestone" as long as possible...I was petrified.

    Yes, they will fall off (just try to remove all hard objects from right around the couch).

    Yes, they will jump (just try to catch them).

    Yes, they will walk off the edge of the couch like they were Moses trying to walk on water (I don't even know what to say about this are weird). Good ain't easy!

    Glad to hear you're feeling a little better!

  6. RELAX

    After 4 kids through this stage ... not to mention my sister's 4 and another sister's 2, and my best friend's 3 ... it's normal, and very healthy for them to climb and fall and get bumps and bruises - by this they learn caution and cause and effect.

    Some things to remember.
    They are going to climb, no matter what. If you provide them some place to climb - either inside or outside - it will be much easier to keep them from climbing on unwanted areas. So once you have a climbing area.

    1. Make sure the floor that they are falling on is softer - you might need to put down those huge alphabet puzzles out of foam, or nap mats, or several blankets.
    2. remove all sharp and hard large objects from where they will climb
    3. have designated climbing toys/areas.
    4. if they fall and cry - don't panic, don't react at all, just ignore them (while watching carefully) because chances are, they just scared themselves. If crying persists, say, "You're fine, want me to kiss the boo boo?" or something like that.
    Most of the time, they will stop crying when they see you are not reacting (do glance their way) and continue to climb and giggle. IF they do not - check/watch for injuries. They may have scared themselves (and they will be far more cautious in the future.) There may be a bit tongue or lip - it will bleed like crazy - but heals very fast.

    Most parents don't want to start a bad habit of climbing/bounding on a couch. So a good indoor alternative is a step stool - 2 steps up to a surface that they can play on is great for starters. I have two 2 step stools, and I will put them back to back, Rue climbs up one, walks across the top, does a daredevil step across that 1.5 inches between the stools. Turns herself around and climbs down the other side OR she sits and scoots down. Claps for herself and then runs back around and does it again.

    Surprisingly enough, most babies have very few tumbles after the first 2 or 3. Rue fell off of our bed (knee high) 3 times, several months ago. Since then, I have found her many times sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off, waiting for me to come get her. BUT Wednesday, she walked out of the bedroom after her nap - Saturday, I finally caught her getting off the bed - she just slides off - she knows it isn't far.


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