Friday, November 12, 2010

It's pantomime time

I am undecided whether to take our 16-month-old twins to the pantomime.

Some background first:

My company buys out the entire theatre for two shows on a Saturday so that everyone can go to the panto.

In the years before babies, D and I used to go and enjoy the show. I did not enjoy the social aspect as I was infertile.

One year I remember running out of there and bursting into tears at seeing all the happy families.

Another year I had to cancel at the last minute because my laparoscopy was suddenly booked for the Friday before.

Last year was, of course, crazy - I can't even remember what I did the first four months, so panto was NOT high on my priority list.

The strange thing is I know I sent out a weekly newsletter, I was coaching one or two clients, I only hope I made sense because it feels like I was on auto-pilot but not consciously there.

Does anyone relate?

Anyway, back to the panto.

So, according to the company, ANY child can go, no matter what age.

I've heard all sorts of opinions.

  • I asked on Twitter and Cat told me the theatres have a "no under 3s rule".
  • Another FB friend and former client said her son went at 17 months and was fine.
  • I suppose I will feel weird being there if the kids aren't with me. Especially since we do actually now have kids.
  • D is not keen on taking the kids as he "wants to enjoy the performance".

Just to spice things up, or clarify my thinking, I thought I'd ask you guys too.

So, would you take the kids? Should I?


  1. Which pantomimes did you go to? I performed in two of them: Cinderella and Goldilocks and the three bears :)

  2. Based on the details in your post, my gut is to take the kiddos, but know ahead of time that you may need to leave if it's not suitable for them, or if/when their attention spans wan. I know that's not ideal for you and D, but I think it's the price we have to pay having small kiddos right now.

    I hope your guys enjoy the show, though. It sounds really neat!

  3. I would say don't take them. They will really not appreciate it at all and you won't be able to appreciate it either. We took Ava to a T20 cricket match and she didn't sit still at all - wanted to climb up and down the stairs and run around the whole time. That was about 2 months ago but I don't think much has changed. Do yours watch any TV? Zoe will watch a short program about once a week or even less (she's just not keen at all) and Ava will not even watch for 1 minute (not that I mind) but if yours will sit still and watch TV for a bit then maybe go for it.

  4. What is a pantomime? A movie or play with live actors? Sorry! The SA lingo is Confusing me!! : ). I learn so much from you!!

    p.s. Weather here today is your favorite kind of day! Gray and dreary. It's warm though.. I'm ready for winter!

  5. I would leave the kids behind, go and enjoy yourself and when you see other families then you at least know you are going home to 2 wonderful kids!

  6. Take them!!! I would definitely take them - my hubs never misses an opportunity to parade his kiddo's... he is so proud of them. You have a lot to be proud of - take them and show them off... the worst that can happen is that you will have to take them out and play with them while everyone else remains in... But I think at a such an obviously family thing your little guys will be the least of everyone's worries or disruptions!!! Go for it and have fun!!!

  7. This has been useful to me as my sister wants to go to a panto with her kids and I was wondering what to do. D can't sit still for more than 30min with his favourite Teletubbies, so I think I'll wait another year before we go.

  8. Marcia, I see that if you try to book for the panto it does say no under 3's. If it was me, I would enjoy it without the kids, knowing that soon they will enjoy it too. They will not enjoy it now, they will possibly ruin it for you too. Just too long for their attention span.


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