Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday musings, otherwise known as bits and bobs

I read somewhere recently that a New York minute is the time taken before the cars start hooting when the traffic light turns green.

Well, I'd like to know whether Joburg drivers are worse than NY drivers because that period of time is miniscule. Sometimes taxis start hooting (honking?) when they see the cross stream of traffic stop.

For about a week now, I've been that hooting person. And I don't even feel bad.

But only at one particular intersection (Houghton Drive crossing the M1) because everybody seems to just zone out and not pay attention.

I counted this morning - I gave it two seconds and then I had to hoot to get the person to move.


Do you hoot at other drivers? What's your level of road rage? I'm about a 3.


While on the subject of cars and driving, I'm all about quick parking.

I will drive and park further IF I can drive into an easy parking.

I can't understand people who take forever to get into the parking they want instead of walking 10 m further and having a quick drive in and out.

Often I'll drive into the building behind another car and I'll have parked, removed all my stuff from the boot (trunk), walked all the way to the basement door and that person is STILL struggling to park in the Spot They Must Have.


And I don't even park quickly. If I'm not neatly in my space, I go back and forth to adjust until it's right because I just think it's unfair on the others on either side of me.

Are you that person who Must Park There At All Costs? :)


I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to ask me to take minutes at a meeting our dept hosts on a monthly basis.

The girl who does it has gone on maternity leave.

I'm going to say no (or will do but only if we all rotate) because it does not enhance my career goals, which is to increase my visibility.

I have a feeling the lady who wrote this fantastic book (I have it and thoroughly recommend it to working women) would have some excellent points on how to say no :)

Does that make me sound snobbish? What would you do?


  1. I always hoot at the front driver, esp when you get such a short amount of time to turn with the green arrow. I give it about 1.5 seconds and then hoot!

    I park as soon as I see a parking, I hate waiting for some idiot to unpack their trolley and get the kids in the car and then start the engine etc etc. Id rather park far away and walk (although not at the moment!)

    Say absolutely no to minutes. Give it to a junior person or a MAN! I also always get that and I just say no. I didnt study for 7 years to take minutes.

  2. I just hate doing minutes, but as the Project managers we often have to.

  3. 1. Interesting about the 'New York minute'...I always just assumed it referred to the faster pace of life in the city. I'm a quiet road rager (about a 2, I guess), and I VERY rarely use my horn.

    2. I will park wherever is quickest and most convenient. I would rather park a little further away in a space that's easy to get into...especially with babies and stroller in tow.

    3. Don't blame you on the minutes... I am currently refusing to transcribe a video unless I can be paid extra for the hours it will take me, because that's just not part of my job. We have money to pay someone to do it; I shouldn't have to give up an entire day of my schedule to do it.

    4. I am working on a post that I also titled "Monday Musings" random is that?!

  4. I live in PE so we only start hooting when the robot is almost red again!!! You can do all sorts of silly things and no one minds thank goodness. I park as close as possible. No advice on the minutes stuff, but maybe suggesting that it rotates is a good idea.


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