Monday, November 15, 2010

Panto decision & mother conflicts

Thank you all for the TONS of valuable opinions on the pantomime issue. I value every single comment (on every post, by the way) and am very thankful.

I really thought about it and was leaning towards not taking them when something happened yesterday that reinforced it for me.

When I was playing on the bed with Connor, there was a clap of thunder and he literally FLEW across the bed into my arms; he got such a fright.

The cuddle was lovely but I immediately felt so bad for him that the loud noise made him so scared.

So.... no panto for them just yet.

D and I will go alone, V will watch them and we will rush home afterwards to enjoy our gorgeous babies.

Now, today.

I had a strat again today from 8:30 - 5:30 and the plan was to leave home at 8:00 latest.

I have a thing about being late for work things, as in, I do not want to be a "typical" mother who is not taken seriously because it's "the kids this, and the kids that"

So I'm never late for early meetings.

Well, there was a taxi strike today so V was late and the minute she arrived, I started rushing around to get done. I was going to be 5 minutes later but that would still make me arrive on time.

Until I rushed out of my room and pulled the door shut on Connor's fingers.

I know, I know, Mother of the Year.

There was a moment's silence and then WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Oh my word, I felt terrible.

But remember I'm a J and I have values of achievement and accomplishment :)

My instinct was to just hand him over to V and race to work BUT............ I suddenly thought, "hold on, what is MOST important here? Being on time or being there for my little boy"

And so I sat down for 5 minutes with Connor on my lap and gave him lots of cuddles while he sobbed and sobbed.

When D heard this story, he said, "and Connor played it for all its worth" :)

I ended up being 10 minutes late but I felt better for having taken those 5 minutes with the boy.

Of course, when I phoned home at lunch time, V told me that Connor only cried for a few more minutes after I left :)

And that was today!

P.S. Katherine, thanks for telling me about Huggies Gold. I went to get some on Friday and Kendra's been dry for 3 nights in a row which makes me very, very happy :)


  1. OMG...I did that to Matthew twice in as many days! I felt horrible. That's when I decided that I needed to slow just wasn't worth all the rushing! Here's the post if you're's quite graphic and hysterical if I do say so myself!

  2. Ai, juggling all those balls.

  3. Oh, I would have stayed too. Breaks my heart when I accidently step on toes or squish fingers. ... I think it makes me feel better too.


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