Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So, October and 36 things

  • I'm almost a little scared to say this out loud but I think I have a system for the photos. Only thing is, just like email, if you leave it for one session, it's out of hand again.
  • Booked the beach holiday accommodation and have arranged car seats and camp cots. Still haven't booked the car rental or figured out how we're going to get all of us to the airport. Do we leave the car there? What did the rest of you with twins do?
  • I went to gym 6 times in October - this is a record because I've been really slack - and am climbing stairs every day at work. The more meetings I have, the more stairs I have to climb since our meeting rooms are all on the ground floor. Lost 0.5 kg.
  • I read my 5 books.
  • We had our fabulous photo shoot. TONS of people are booking with her after seeing our pics which delights me to no end.
  • Gift-giving is going well. I want to add something in there though - to give some gifts to me - the gifts of rest and relaxation. I'm the type of person who, 90% of the time, won't relax until all the "work" is done. I've now started lazing more - on Sunday morning at 9 am I jumped back into bed with my book - with TONS of work still to do before leaving for church - it was heavenly. The babies were napping, if anyone's wondering.
  • I guess this is also part of letting go. But look how good I'm getting.
These two thought it was Christmas. Notice how beautifully they "work" together to mess in my cupboards. I thought it was cute so I let them be.

  • I have been simplifying my business too. I've deleted TONS of products off my site. Somehow I don't feel so bad not making sales now I have just 4 - very weird. I'm busy with a sleek new design (we finally have a banner I'm happy with) and it will hopefully be really clear what I do and who I'm for. I'm quite happy not to be for everyone. Before it would upset me when people didn't "get" me but now I know there are only a certain number of people who value my services, pay gladly and will get the results (and more) that they're after.
  • I had the blog coaching session (not for this blog) and while it wasn't wholly encouraging (basically too few readers to make serious money), there are some things I can do which I've paid someone to implement for me. My motto is, if I can't do it myself within 20 mins, I outsource.
  • Am doing well with the lunches with friends (see previous post) - the crazy holiday season is helping things along.
  • I've been getting my hair done at least twice a month and also the massages. In fact, I'm going later this afternoon. The good thing is we have a massage therapist (and an ATM) right here at work, so no excuses!
  • My pastor approached me to start doing talks on organising for women at the church and I am all for it! We are ironing out the frequency and so on but looks like that will start either end of this year or next year.

Do you make monthly lists? Who needs help with things on their lists? I am willing to help you.


  1. Good for you on the gym! Awesome that you have a massage therapist. Sounds like you've been doing some things just for you and that's always good.

  2. Woo hoo on the books, too! I'm impressed. As much as I love reading, that's not something I've carved out any dedicated time to...but I have been spending a little "me" time - when the babies are napping on Saturday or Sunday and Daddy is home - going to the coffee shop with my book. It's such a great little getaway for me.

  3. I USE to make lists, mark them off, get so much accomplished. But I've really lost focus in this decade and feel quite adrift.


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