Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday tidbits and delights

Wicklow, Ireland, 2009

It is a lovely, overcast, rainy day (temperatures between 21 and 23 degrees). The babies love rain like their mother and do baby sign language and sound effects (courtesy of their father) which is cute, cute, cute! I truly enjoy in this weather so again I took "the road less travelled" and drove a lovely scenic route to work. I am easily delighted by small things. If I wasn't such a wuss, I'd have taken some photos of the beauty all around...

I forgot to write about Crowded House. How could I?! Crowded House was super fantastic. We saw them 17 years ago (makes me feel old!) and enjoyed them just the same. The difference was this time we sat (we are too old for the standing sorts of concerts) and people waved their cell phones instead of lighters :) I have only just taken the Best of Crowded House CD out of my player in the car. Am I the only one who prepares for concerts? I listen to the CDs in the weeks before and, to squeeze the last little drop of joy out of the concert, again during the week after.

I love the internet. Deanna posted about the problem with finding high chairs at eating places, something that's been bugging me too (I even posted on a forum about it) and Mandy posted a link. I went to look, LOVED the stuff and promptly ordered two. I emailed Mandy to tell her and since she shops there (in real life :)) I then told the seller who it was that referred me. I love all the connection and business going on, making the world truly a smaller place.

Speaking about forums, I haven't been on for a bit because there was some fighting going on the last time I was there and it all makes me very uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. And you know I have no problem with conflict. It's just that I don't understand why the apparent anonymity of the internet makes people feel so free to be hurtful towards other people. Do you go on forums? Do you find it a safe place?

Speaking about Deanna, I was tickled pink when Deanna commented and said she'd never heard of the phrase "pigeon pair" :) Must be a UK English thing.

About the nappies... Kendra had a day or two of dryness when we put her in her proper size 3 Pampers at night but since then has been soaked. I have reduced her water at supper and her bedtime bottle is now only 100 ml (poor thing) and still soaked. So today I go to ToysRUs to try another brand (huge for me!) to see if there's any difference.

And then, last but not least, these two pics (taken in Clarens) absolutely delight me. I don't quite know why but I love them. I think it's the colours, slight weirdness and I can imagine having a good old chat with someone sitting there.


  1. It's supposed to be rainy AND cool here this weekend..I'm so excited!

    I agree re: forums, etc. I do more reading in places like that than I do posting. I do think it is largely the anonymity that makes people forget that they are talking to actual people with actual feelings. A friend and I were just talking about some of the political crap that people post on Facebook, things they would probably never say face-to-face. When it's particularly offensive, my friend will send them a private message and remind them that ALL their friends might not hold the same opinions and might not care to see the things they are posting. : )

  2. I've always used Huggies Gold and have never ever had any issues with leaking. I definitely don't limit what my children drink at all. Ava drinks 175ml before going to sleep. Zoe has water next to her bed and I never limit her drinking - she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7am and very rarely wakes at night to go for a wee. She doesn't always go for a wee before she goes to bed and doesn't even wee as soon as she wakes up in the morning!! Phenomenal bladder control I tell you.

  3. A friend puts 2 nappies on her 22mnth old son at night, because of leakage!!! First a size 5, then a size 6. What we will do for a dry baby hey?
    P.S. I just love those pics from Clarens too, especially the one of the beautiful quaint bench. I also take pics of the strangest things (strange to some, interesting & pretty to me!)

  4. Caren, I think I'm going to have to do that. And now ZAMOM told me I should have bought Huggies Gold not the Dry COmfort so I'm stuffed.

    I will go back today and try Huggies Gold because my poor Kendra woke TWICE last night on Dry Comfort, first time at 11:30 as opposed to 5-ish with Pampers.

    Oh, and thanks for also loving my pics!

  5. Beautiful pictures...I love the colors too!

    I, too, love how the internet can help all of us. I have learned a lot!


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