Friday, November 26, 2010

We are SO ready to give V a raise

Well, last night nanny V sent me a text saying that they'd been told to come back to Home Affairs today to complete the work permit application process.

D and I were dismayed.

Another day off work to look after the kids! And barely caught up from yesterday's half day.

This time, he told me, he'd take the early shift and I could have the horrible afternoon shift.

And it was indeed horrible. I thought he was being overly dramatic but no...

Connor is on the mend so was mostly a good boy. By that I mean relatively compliant, not too boisterous and not too much crying.

Kendra, on the other hand, was all kinds of emotional and cried at literally the slightest thing.

"Baby, wait til I change Connor's nappy"


"I have to fill the water filter jug before I can pour more water for you"


I'm sure the neighbours thought I was killing her!


I really don't mind the running around after kids. It's this emotional stuff that gets me.

The only thing that seemed to keep Kendra reasonably happy was playing outside in the garden.

I'd done a load of laundry as I have a new cleaning lady (thank the Lord) coming tomorrow so while I hung out the wet laundry, they were messing around with the grass, soil, etc. They looked so happy I let them stay for a long time just so I could clean up the kitchen a bit.

How V does it every day with these two is a miracle.

We did super quick baths - nearly like the real baby days - and into pajamas.

D walked in that door at about 5:45 and I said, "pray with them and put them to bed".

And then I had a coaching appointment.

Fortunately the lady is new and we had lots to talk about and for me to keep my mind occupied.

On Tuesday V will have been with us ONE WHOLE YEAR. Do you think she finagled day 2 to get us to appreciate her?

I'm only joking - she is the sweetest person with not a mean bone in her body.

D and I have taken this Tuesday off to go renew our passports (remember, I intend to travel alone with him before I turn 37) and then we're doing a movie and lunch. I think we deserve it after these two days.

And then two weeks til we're on leave. I'm a lot scared of being alone with these two on holiday but hey, that's what having kids is all about. We will somehow cope.

Speaking of holidays, D's sister wants us to come sleep over for Christmas and rent a 2nd camp cot for the babies. I said to D, "definitely not. not after the last time" so now we're "thinking" and will let them know.

D hates confrontation but I told him he has got to tell them that it is SO MUCH HARDER to look after our babies at other people's houses and these are the things that would help, and then list them. Maybe they just don't think to offer to help feed, change, etc.

What would you do about the Christmas thing?

P.S. Dee, I will post it during the weekend. I didn't feel like more emotionally draining stuff today :)

P.P.S. I'm in love with the photos and can't resist posting some every day. Sorry!


  1. Glad you can't resist the photos - they are gorgeous! Keep em coming. Have a great weekend. xx

  2. I'm totally lost on this whole work permit issue, I guess we do things waaaaay differently here.

    Kids are terribly exhausting, taking care of the three girls nearly kills me every day. The hint is harnessing their energy for your benefit. I've turned clean up into a game and they love to load the dishwasher and switch laundry!!

    As for the holiday, how far away is your SIL? Is there really a need to stay at her house? I am against staying at people's houses in general, it's just not comfortable. I'd rather stay in a hotel if I can't be home. I'd just tell her that you'd prefer your own bed and that it's far easier to tend to the children at home and drive out than it would be to spend the night.

  3. I know what you mean. When the boys get their fussy times in the evening before dinner, bath and bed, it can be exhausting!

  4. We just spend Thanksgiving night with a relative. The boys were totally fine in the pack N plays, BUT I only got 4 hours of sleep because the "guest" bed was one of the most uncomfortable beds on earth.
    Now I'm home trying to "make up" lost sleep--with twins! If her house isn't too far away, I would skip the overnight and just drive.

    Loving the photos! (you're getting really far on my blog! only a year and 1/2 to go!!)

  5. It is so much harder to look after your kids at someone else's house. The only exception is another baby-proofed house. But it DOES get easier. Next year you could probably do it (when they are 2). But for now, stick to your guns.

    Also, I find that I get better at being with my kids when I am solo with them for a couple of days. But you have to be able to not be thinking about work/trying to multitask. Easier said then done, I know.

  6. I'm totally catching up on blogs, so please forgive me. Say "no" to the holiday sleepover...too hard! That's just my two cents. I'm good a saying "no" though.

    You think V made all of this up to get a raise? Not a bad idea, right?


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