Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to work

Last night I suddenly realised that I had ONE day before going back to work.

I made a list TWO pages long of things I wanted to do.

Somehow I got stuck into one of those items (sorting out my project 365 photos) and I'm nearly there.

Apologies for those of you who are friends with me on FB for the gazillion updates (my photo blog goes to FB automatically).

Tomorrow V is back from holiday (I hope!), that's if she arrived safely back from Zim.

My messages to her have been undelivering... so hopefully all is well.

D and I feel like rock stars because even to my very objective self, we've coped beautifully with not a stitch of help from anyone, and with sick babies. D is also sick and is going to the doctor tomorrow to get a sick note since he's also supposed to be back at work.


Anyway, so we've been with the babies for 18 days on the trot.

The longest since my maternity leave for me, and he has never spent this much time with them.

The time with the babies and as a family has been so good - they are so, so cute, can communicate their needs and are generally 70% good, 30% spirited/ sassy. Which D constantly reminds me is what I prayed for as I said 100% good kids are boring.

Those words have come back to bite me...

The one thing I will not miss is feeding time. That's a post for another time but also the cleanup afterwards is just terrible. And I'm not lazy about cleaning.

Work it out - 18 days X 5 meals X 2 kids = way too much cleaning up

I have a confession - I've been skipping the afternoon snack for the last few days so that there's one less meal to clean up.


How V does it I don't know.

I guess you keep going because of the cuteness?

Anyway, my deadline is 10 pm tonight so off I go to get my beauty sleep :)

Have you made your menu plan for the week?

P.S. I write quite a popular blog on organising - if you're interested in following that one, leave a comment and I'll send you the link.


  1. Hi there
    I would love if you could forward me the link please?
    Your babes are divine

  2. Send me link please. I also get tired of planning and feeing three kids. I never feel like our meals are nutritious enough - especially when the ones they like are usually the worst for them (fish sticks, tater tots).

  3. You know me, I'd love to see your organizing blog! I'm working on a menu plan for this week, but so far we've had on Sunday - homemade chicken nuggets, baked potatoes and steamed green beans and tonight - Italian wedding soup with homemade cheese biscuits. It was my first time making the biscuits and everyone said I should keep that recipe, so I guess I'll be making it again. It was pretty easy.

  4. I just did my menu plan the other night. I love doing it too...found a great planner.

    Congrats for making it through sans V...mealtimes are the worst!

    Send me your link...color me interested.


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