Sunday, December 26, 2010

Excuse the blurry Christmas pics

See, here's why you need to download immediately and check the quality.

I am about a month late and am way too lazy to go around the house again, taking more pics.

Here's a collage...just because I've been playing in Picasa...

this is how I display my Christmas cards - pegged to a piece of ribbon. Looks very pretty when it dangles... is it me, or are people sending out fewer cards every year? We got 10 total and of those, 2 are from blog friends (thanks!), 1 from my coach :), 3 from family, 1 from pastors, 3 from friends. I sent out about 40.

the babies' stockings, not that I put anything in there or that I "do Santa" (topic for another post). look carefully... see the 3 candles in the middle of the two stockings? the beige ones were holding the stockings in place until Connor pulled at the stocking and the candle whacked him on the forehead - so D made another plan (Prestik)

angel from my friend, Roz :) poor thing had to perch on such a tiny tree but she did well, the angel, not Roz.

half the things are off the tree thanks to my little boy's exploring hands

this little guy lives on the babies' room door handle - Kendra loves this thing. She squeals with delight when we give it to her for hugs at every nappy change.

for this I consider myself pure genius, just MONTHS too slow. So simple and yet so powerful - red ribbon prevents the babies from getting into my sideboard, finally :)

I bought these hanging decorations last year, on a whim, for R20 each ($3). I got 2 that say Love and 2 that say Hope. When I went back, they were GONE. Out of stock. So glad I got them. I love them so much they stay up year round. Connor loves them too :)

that's our teeny-tiny Christmas tree. As a friend said, you just have to get used to "decorating UP"

this was me being creative. I saw something similar on one of these decorating blogs (which I'm addicted to, by the way, but only the imperfect ones).

this tiny tree used to live on my work desk til I couldn't be bothered anymore to be "that person" who always "does the celebrations". Again, a story for another post but I realised they don't take you seriously if you become defined by being that person... I made it festive, put it on a lovely mosaic platter that I never use and voila!

And that's it! I basically only "decorate" (and I use that word very, very loosely) the lounge and open-plan entrance way/ dining room area.

On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd consider mine a 6.

Do you go ALL out? What's your number?

P.S. We went to the pharmacy instead and got some medicines. Connor has already had a coughing fit since going to sleep at 6 pm; not a peep from Kendra.


  1. We do like to decorate. We have an 11 foot tree in our living room, but there's barely any decorations on the bottom as the boys went to town on even the plastic Muppet/Sesame Street decorations that were on the bottom. We have some little decorations in the living room, foyer and dining room. And then the outside of the house has lights. I'm going to try to take a picture of that today, as it's really pretty. DH and Phoebe did it together and I can tell she helped. It's prettier than usual, LOL.

  2. We're a 7...for serious.

    What are those ornament resting on? Feathers? Those feathers are beautiful!

    You'll be able to decorate down a little more next year. You'll be amazed at the difference!


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